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Season of Giving

December 1, 2020 -

December 31, 2020

 As this challenging year comes to a close, we at LRGR look back at the loving canine companions that were rescued over the past 12 months. With the funds donated by our generous donors, we were able to provide numerous heartworm treatments, various life saving surgeries and routine medical care. 


With boundless gratitude, we thank all of our supporters for making our mission possible! During this giving season, we are asking for your support once again. With your help we can continue our lifesaving work of rescuing and rehoming abandoned and homeless Labrador Retrievers.

We hope you enjoy the lifesaving stories below.

Our fundraising goal is $10,000.Every donation counts. 

Your donation will make a difference!


Do you remember our lady Xena, warrior princess?

Xena is between 4-6 years old and was surrendered to Lab Rescue right after giving birth to puppies, who were also surrendered. Once under the care of Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond, Xena was able to be seen by a veterinarian who determined that she had heartworms. She was given fast kill shots to remedy the worms and was placed on limited activity for 30 days in an attempt to rid her body of the parasites. She had marks around her neck indicating she once had her collar embedded. Her past life left her with separation anxiety that was dealt with using Trazadone and Prozac.

Xena during her time in foster care:

During Xena’s time in foster care, she blossomed. She responded to each loving belly rub with gratitude. Her reactivity towards loud cars, other dogs and deer began to disappear as her foster parents encouraged her and sought out professional training. Her confidence soared and the love of this lab could not be tamed! She had a few people interested in adopting her, but it didn’t end up working out. Xena returned to her fosters and they became her forever home!

Xena's Happily Ever After!

Miss Xena is what we call a “foster fail” - she was smitten with her foster mommy and daddy, and they were just as in love with her. Her foster parents had this to say, “Xena is doing wonderful! She’s healthy, happy and full of love, and she has already become such an integral and special part of our family. These last few months have been filled with cuddles, long walks and hikes, plenty of toys and treats, more cuddles, learning a ton of tricks (she’s beautiful AND smart!), the occasional zoomies, and even more cuddles. Xena’s favorite things include car rides, cherry tomatoes from the garden, playing in the ocean waves, walks, pretending she is a lap dog, and her mini-pig toy which literally happens to be a chew toy for mini-pigs. Xena adores people and has become quite the celebrity with strangers, friends and family alike. Xena has been walking very nicely on her leash and has gotten lots of compliments on her progress from the neighbors we pass on our daily walks. Her reactivity has really improved. As long as we keep some distance, Xena can pass other dogs without lunging or barking. We are so proud of her progress, and will continue to work with her. We couldn’t be happier to have Xena in our lives and be a part of her bright, adventure filled future. We cannot imagine our lives without her and cannot thank LRGR enough for bringing us together.



Do you remember Astro?

When Astro arrived at Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond, he had been found as a stray with his collar embedded in his neck. As his wounds healed, he underwent a more complex neuter surgery. He encountered complications during recovery that resulted in two ER visits, one being Christmas Eve of last year. Despite such a rough start to life, at 6 months old, Astro still radiated love and joy. His love for running and playing continued to shine through. It became clear that Astro was going to need a special family that would help with his puppy training and his zest for life.

Astro during his time in foster care:

Astro’s foster mom was amazing with his training and gave him a solid foundation that would later on be carried by his forever family. He learned basic skills such as sit, wait, down and was working on making eye contact. He was finally ready to meet his new forever family and start his life as a Lab Rescue Alumni.

Astro's Happily Ever After!

Since being adopted, Astro has been enjoying his new life with his parents despite the pandemic. He has been thriving at home with his mom who has been working from home and spoiling him. Frisbee, tug-of-war, and daily zoomies around the yard are his favorite things to do outside. Inside the house, he carries a blanket or a towel ‘lovey’ while he follows his humans, looking for a lap to sit on! Astro’s family can’t remember what life used to be like without him and are loving every day they get to share with him!



Do you remember Millie?

Millie joined Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond as a 5 year old dog who was recovering from an ACL surgery. She also struggled with skin issues and a sensitive stomach. When she arrived at her foster family’s home, she already knew 15 commands and had amazing manners!

Millie during her time in foster care:

Millie’s foster family realized as time went by that they had a truly amazing dog in their care. Not only was Millie extremely well behaved, she was also very smart. When she was told no about something, she would actually give a little sigh. Her eyes were extremely expressive and she let the world know what she needed in a family. Lucky for Millie, she became a foster fail and her foster family chose to adopt her.

Millie's Happily Ever After!

Millie joined her furever family a little over a month ago but it seems like she has been a part of their family forever. Her parents' love and dedication have helped her become the amazing dog she is today. Millie has been recovering from her 2nd ACL surgery and enjoying her physical therapy days since she gets to use the underwater treadmill while carrying a ball in her mouth. With her parents' love and dedication, Millie was able to walk 7 days post op and is now out and about on mild hiking trails. Hopefully in a few weeks, she’ll be well enough to be out running and hiking with her family. Thanks to LRGR, Millie is living her best life and so are her parents. From beach houses, to wineries, to cabins and parks, there aren’t many places that Millie doesn't get to go to with her parents! Thank you for giving Millie such a wonderful life!!



Do you remember Banjo?

Banjo arrived at Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond when he was only 16 months old. Banjo is a whole lot of dog and by such a young age, three different families had already proven not to be a good match as his forever home. Banjo needed someone who could dedicate their time to training and exercising him consistently.

Banjo during his time in foster care:

Banjo’s foster family saw what an amazing dog he could become with the right training. He had a wonderful, exuberant personality and would jump right into every situation. Just as with children, Banjo had to learn impulse control and he practiced this daily. Training a dog is a lifelong commitment and also the most rewarding.

Banjo's Happily Ever After!

As time and training progressed, Banjo’s foster family realized what an enthusiastic personality and playful demeanor he had. He had captured their hearts. Banjo became a loyal friend, hiking buddy, trail explorer and first class snuggler. He joined his forever family and became a part of their pack! The love between Banjo and his family is evident when you see the expressive smile he gives them every day.


Do you remember Teddy?

Teddy was 3-4 years old when he came to Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond as a stray. He was covered in a skin yeast infection which caused him to lose hair on his belly and hind legs, as well as about ten pounds underweight. Once under the care of LRGR, he visited the veterinarian and was able to get an allergy shot to get some of his itchiness under control, as well as weekly medicated baths to soothe his skin.

Teddy during his time in foster care:

During Teddy’s time with his foster family, he showed his sweet, loving personality! His love of other dogs, swimming in the lake and long walks was apparent as he became more and more comfortable at his foster’s home. He continued to receive medicated weekly baths and he would stand like a gentleman during them!

Teddy's Happily Ever After!

Teddy was adopted by his new momma and it was love at first sleepover! They are a match made in heaven. Since becoming a part of his new family, Teddy continued to receive medical care through the support of Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond. As a reminder, Teddy was brought to LRGR with worms, hair loss on half of his body, red irritated skin and he was just very itchy! After he was adopted, LRGR connected his new momma with many people and doctors who cared for him and he ultimately landed at the Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond. After multiple attempts at medications, daily baths and doctor visits, Teddy was given a blood and allergy test. He was allergic to 52 of the 70 allergens that were tested! The dermatologist created a daily sublingual allergen medication to help with his severe allergies. He was also referred to a specialist after his bloodwork came back with low protein levels. LRGR was actively engaged in his care and treatment well after he was adopted. We continued to fund his dermatology care until we had a root cause and a treatment plan.

A few weeks after his allergy situation was under control, Teddy suffered from a rare spinal injury while playing. A MRI diagnosed him with an ANNPE. In this disorder, a portion of healthy intervertebral disc suddenly shoots out through its encasement and collides with the spinal cord at a high velocity. This causes bruising and bleeding of his spinal cord and temporary paralysis of his hind legs. He regained use of his back right leg in the first week but has still not fully recovered with his back left leg after 9 weeks. He still limps and drags his foot and unfortunately the therapist is not sure he will gain full mobility in that leg.

LRGR reached out and offered continued financial assistance to Teddy through his recovery. We also offered emotional support to the family as this type of injury can be very taxing. Teddy’s forever family says, “It has been a challenging six months but Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond continues to be a support system for us. We are so incredibly grateful and we know it is because of the help of the selfless volunteers and generous donors that we were able to get Teddy the best care possible and a shot at a healthy life. Our gratitude and thanks will never be repaid, but we hope this inspires others to donate to provide another rescue dog a chance at a great life.”


Do you remember Jack?

Jack is five years old and came to Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond underweight and positive for heartworms. Later the cardiologist determined that he had Class 3 or 4 heartworm disease which was causing him to have episodes of passing out while playing. He was placed on multiple medicines to counteract the damage the heartworms had done. Due to his heartworms, Jack was required to receive injections and limit mobility.

Jack during his time in foster care:

During Jack’s time with his foster family, he received necessary medical care while living in a safe, loving home. He was constantly surrounded by toys he loved to chew and foster parents who were willing to teach him lots of new manners and tricks! He is learning sit, stay, down, come, wait, leave it, gentle, off and go to bed. He is walking much, much better on leash. Jack was working on and had some good success curtailing his high prey drive. He can now walk up the driveway without ripping his foster’s arm out of the socket when he sees the bunnies, squirrels and deer!

He is truly a remarkable pup! He is the happiest, easy going, everything rolls off his shoulder, amusing, silliest, did I mention happiEST boy ever? His boundless joy left quite a wonderful impression on everyone at the vet’s office. There was no way was he going to let some worms dampen his zest for life. Jack IS a fighter and champ. Jack is no longer crated at night. After a couple of nights, he realized his foster mom forgot to latch the door, ventured out and now enjoys sleeping next to the bed, on the cool tiles in the bathroom or back in his crate. At 60 lbs., Jack looks fanTAStic! He’s even more handsome with his luscious coat and fuller body. Jack relishes his daily food toys and in the evening entertains himself with his toys and bones. Jack is soooo eager to start walking, running and playing again….

Jack's Happily Ever After!

Jack here - I’ve been with my new human for about 3 weeks now, and let me tell you, I feel like a new man! Heartworms couldn’t keep ME down! I still can’t exercise and play as much as I want, but I love throwing around my toy dragon and figuring out how to get the kibble out of the weird ball my human gives me sometimes. Living in Harrisonburg has given me all kinds of new smells to take in, and lots of new people to meet. When it’s time to settle in, my favorite place is my crate. I know it’s like my own little house, so hanging out there with a chew bone or a KONG is the best! I REALLY love the mornings, so as soon as the sun comes up I’m ready to go! My human isn’t a morning person, but he just hasn’t seen how great it is to be awake with the sun yet. I’m adjusting well to my new home, and I’m really looking forward to getting out on longer walks and meeting as many friends as I can!


Do you remember Wyatt?

Prior to coming to Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond, sweet Wyatt lived a life outdoors, never knowing the comfort of a warm house. He was riddled with health issues like a yeast infection, eye infection, double ear infection and even hookworms. He was treated for a skin infection that covered his entire neck and body area while under the care of his original owner, but it was clear Wyatt would deal with these issues for the rest of his life. His medical requirements require weekly baths and a completely carbohydrate and sugar free diet or he runs the risk of painful flare ups.

Wyatt during his time in foster care:

Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond took this handsome boy under their wings, provided appropriate veterinary care and placed him with a loving foster family who took great strides in transforming a shy, outside dog into the perfect furry sibling. His first veterinary appointment addressed the plethora of infections and was treated for a horrible ear infection as well as eye drops for an eye infection. Wyatt was told he will have to have his ears cleaned daily for the rest of his life, and that he should be an inside dog for the rest of his life. His foster family worked with him and transitioned him into life inside, where he flourished. He was introduced to multiple dogs and began to enjoy being in a pack for the first time in his life! Wyatt took his role as an inside family dog very seriously and discovered “snuggling” on the couch! He was a natural.

Wyatt's Happily Ever After!

When Wyatt found his forever family, it was love at first sight. His mommy had this to say. . . “Wyatt the “Wonder” dog is doing great. We can only wonder how anyone could have neglected this sweet dog for so long...but their loss is our gain! He is adjusting well to our wild and crazy home. Our three boys just love him immensely and he, in turn, provides endless snuggles. Aside from some GI issues we are trying to remedy, health wise he is on the mend. He is up 7 pounds and his hair is coming in beautifully. He gets along well with everyone and tolerates our other dog, Phoebe, well. We are extremely grateful for LRGR for all their hard work and dedication. We are so happy they helped Wyatt find us, as he now has his forever home.”


Do you remember Basil?

Sweet baby Basil was brought to Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond as a five month old puppy. This adorable, tiny, spunky little one has Megaesophagus. She was born with this medical condition and there is no surgical treatment for it – it is managed through a variety of life-style changes. In megaesophagus, dogs are unable to swallow food normally because their esophagus lacks the muscular tone and motility needed to move food and water. Instead, her esophagus dilates and food backs up, causing her to regurgitate the meal. She will always have a liquid / pureed diet, and she cannot consume water normally. She must always eat and drink in a vertical position and has a Bailey Chair to assist her with this – see photos! (It’s called a Bailey Chair because the first ever dog known to have this condition was named Bailey, so the chair was named after her!) Once she is done eating she has to stay in a vertical position for 20ish minutes for the food to fully digest; it used to be 45 mins and we used to have to spoon and hand feed her, but she has come such a long way! A big scary thing in dogs with megaesophagus is them developing pneumonia – they are at risk for aspirating regurgitated food into their lungs; if severe enough, she would pass.

Basil's Happily Ever After!

Miss Basil girl was adopted by one of our very own Lab Rescue volunteers after she fell madly in love! Despite her medical issues, she is every bit a labrador puppy - strong, sweet and playful! She does not let her condition hold her back one bit! Basil gets along great with her big sisters Olive and River and loves to snuggle the cat Boots! She loves playing at the park with friends, being snuggled, squeaky toys, fetch, wrestling with her labrador sisters, the beach, and going hiking! Her forever family is very grateful to have Basil - special needs animals challenge you and show you what you're really made of.

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