Giving Tuesday 2019,

December 3

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, but have you heard about Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday was created as a global day of giving back to kick off the charitable season. This year's Giving Tuesday is on December 3rd and we’d love for you to get involved with us!


Leading up to Giving Tuesday we will be highlighting stories about dogs that we’ve rescued this year, and where they are now. We hope you'll enjoy these success stories as much as we do! Check back here for the full stories and pictures, as well as follow us on Facebook!

We love receiving likes and shares for all of our posts but as you know, it is those Benjamin Franklin’s that make the real difference when in comes to helping dogs in the world of rescue. As an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization all of the funds we raise go directly to rescuing and re-homing homeless and abandoned Labs and providing them with loving foster homes, rehabilitation and veterinary care.



























So we promise we won’t eat money like Riley, but spend it on those who need it most…the doggos.

If every one of our facebook followers donated just $5 we could raise $56,795! Just think of how many dogs we could rescue if you skip your Starbucks fix for just one day! We hope you’ll consider donating this #GivingTuesday to help support our mission. We rescue because we care but we’re able to do it because of the charitable contributions we receive from followers and supporters like you! So thank you!


Ps. All donations to LRGR are tax-deductible.





Do you remember Wendell?

Wendell is a 9 year old black Lab who was found as a stray. His former family abandoned him and he wandered the streets for two weeks before he was picked up by animal control. After six weeks, his former family came for him but the shelter thought a new family would take better care of him. Wendell spent three months in another rescue while he was treated for heartworm disease and then he made his way to LRGR.


Wendell during his time in foster care:

Once in LRGR’s care, Wendell visited the vet and we found out he had slightly elevated kidney levels and he was put on a special diet. The vet said catching these signs early would help to reduce any further kidney problems and help them work better. He is expected to have many more good years to enjoy with his forever family! The vet was next to a daycare center and when Wendell finished his appointment, about 30 children playing outside all came over to say hello. Wendell greeted everyone with a wagging tail and a smile and he absolutely loved all the attention! He never stopped smiling! While in foster care Wendell became a certified spoiled house dog. He enjoyed cooling off in the baby pool and sleeping on the couch, you could vacuum, sweep, and mop and he wouldn’t move out of your way. He was a good companion to have outside on those buggy days, he liked to chase the flies away. One day, Wendell’s foster family took him to Isley Brewing Company for the release of their Rescue Red Ale and that was the beginning of his happily ever after! During the event a nice lady visited Wendell and he stayed by her side the entire time. He knew it was meant to be

Wendell's Happily Ever After!

So of course sweet Wendell was adopted! Not only did Wendell get a great new home, but also got a great new job! His mom works at Morningside Assisted Living located in the West End and he gets to go to work with her. He greets people in the front office while they admire him and he strolls around the building to say hello to all of the people who live there. He soaks up all of the attention and they love to pet him. They even tell him about the dogs they had in their lives, which brings back happy memories and feelings of nostalgia for them. After work, he relaxes by rolling in the newly mowed grass in his yard, sleeps with his sea turtle toy, and stays very close to his mom all the time.







Do you remember Glenn?

Glenn is a 7-year-old black Lab who was found as a stray, dragging a chain and suffering from serious injuries after being hit by a car. It was a miracle he survived! His lower back and jaw were broken, he lost some teeth, his lungs were filled with blood, and there was nerve damage in his back legs. Glenn had suffered with his injuries for so long that by the time he was rescued by LRGR, surgery was not recommended because the bones had already started to fuse together. His poor little face was lopsided on his left side but that made him even cuter! And his quirky little walk, due to his broken back, reminds us how special he is and that he is a true fighter.


Glenn during his time in foster care:

Glenn healed nicely, gaining mobility and feeling in his back legs. He could do steps, enjoyed wrestling, swimming, chasing a ball, running around playing with his foster siblings and doing everything dogs love to do! When he wasn’t running around playing with other dogs, he would happily soak up all the attention his foster family could give him. You could find him snuggling up to his foster Mom on the couch or sprawling out for a long snooze with his belly up in the air. He took a liking to his foster Dad and enjoyed being right by his side working on projects in the shop. He liked to talk when he got excited and he always gave the best love! In foster care he received all the love and care that he needed and was finally ready for his forever home.

Glenn's Happily Ever After!

Glenn was adopted! There was this young lady who fell in love with Glenn. She herself had faced medical struggles with breast cancer and she was drawn to Glenn’s story of survival. They are both fighters and they were destined to be together! Now they get to enjoy daily walks together through the neighborhood where Glenn has made lots of human and doggie friends. He absolutely loves the attention! He has his own little human niece and nephew that he gets to visit and hangout with too. And he’s still so cute when he snuggles with his toy bunny and fox. Glenn continues to love the water, chasing squirrels and balls and he even gets to go on hikes! Everyone that meets Glenn thinks he’s so young and full of life and you would never know what he’s gone through! Glenn finally found the most important thing in life...his forever home. And now he and his Mom are living their best life, together!




Do you remember Bourbon?

Bourbon was a 13 year old Chocolate Lab who had a heart bigger than you could imagine! He was rescued after being surrendered by his previous family because he could no longer do the stairs. But this sweet guy was full of life and love despite his heath concerns. He was always happy to see you and loved to lean into your legs as you walked.


Bourbon during his time in foster care:

Bourbon continued to be the sweetest guy you would ever meet. He loved receiving affection and tossing his toys around a bit. He was such a character! But as the months went by and he continued to struggle with health issues, we wondered if he would ever find the loving home he so desperately deserved.

Bourbon's Happily Ever After!

After 5 long months in foster care, Bourbon was adopted! The most amazing couple came along and swept Bourbon off his paws and loved him like there was no tomorrow! They loved him so much that they built a ramp for him because he still had trouble with those pesky stairs. They gave him so much love and so many belly rubs that he knew he had to return the favor with kisses and snuggles of his own. Bourbon was finally living his best life with a family who doted on him constantly and he couldn't have been happier. Check out the bottom right picture of Bourbon when he saw a bunny! This guy! He's a riot!

Unfortunately we learned that last week, Bourbon crossed the rainbow bridge. But we take solace in knowing he was surrounded by faces that loved him all the rest of the days of his life. While Bourbon's life on earth is over, his story reminds us that every dog deserves to be loved no matter their age or circumstance. We are beyond grateful to the family that loved him and it gives us a full heart to know that Bourbon spent the last few months of his life not wanting for anything. He knew, without a doubt, that he was loved. So while this story has a seemingly sad ending, we know that Bourbon finally had got his happily ever after.




Do you remember Buddy?

Buddy was a 1yr old yellow Lab who came to us as a stray from NC. He was pretty wild, full of energy and had a strong prey drive. He could run for 5 miles next to a four wheeler and wasn’t even tired when he was finished! He didn’t have many house manners, he jumped over furniture, he jumped from couch to couch and he jumped on his foster’s dresser. For the first couple of weeks, his foster Mom said to herself on a daily basis, “what in the world have I gotten myself into”! Was there any hope for this wild boy to learn his basic manners and find his forever home?

Buddy during his time in foster care:

The first goal was to get rid of some of that energy! Buddy and his foster Mom walked close to 10 miles a day with obedience scattered in between. It turns out Buddy was smart, too smart sometimes! Once he figured out which doors led to the outside, he would use his head as a battering ram and try to push the doors open to escape! His foster Mom sent videos of Buddy to her friend, who was a trainer, and she would provide tips on how to handle the behavior. His first taste of obedience was “stay” and “watch me”. He picked it up quickly as it only took him a few times to figure that he would get rewarded if he listened! As time went on he proved to be a rock star! He took treats gently, he could sit, stay, come and much more! The door could be left open and he no longer bolted through it. They were down to about five miles a day for physical activity and several hours a day with training, followed by a good game of fetch at lunch. However, Buddy was a pro counter surfer and he succeeded with many meals! He’s sneaky! 99% of the time he waited until his foster Mom turned her head and he’s gotten a bunch of bananas, a rib-eye, peaches, tomatoes, a ham and cheese sandwich and a Thai chicken salad! He has a well-rounded palette! So clearly, there was still plenty of room for improvement but we knew someone would want to love him forever!

Buddy's Happily Ever After!

Buddy was adopted! And it turns out the people who would love him forever was his very own foster Mom and Dad! His foster Mom realized she had it bad when she would begin to cry every time she thought about giving him up. Buddy had started bonding with their two other dogs and they were snuggling and playing well together. So Buddy’s foster parents decided to make it official and become his real parents! Now Buddy gets to continue getting daily walks along the beach chasing ghost crabs, because everyone needs to get those zoomies out! He plays fetch often and he continues to work on his obedience. He also loves to wrestle and snuggle with his four-legged siblings on the regular and his family never has a dull moment! He’s one lucky guy! And his parents are proud to be foster failures! We couldn’t have made a better forever match if we tried.



Do you remember Lexi?

Lexi was an 8 year old black Lab who came to Lab Rescue from a home with other dogs, cats, and even a pony. Sadly, she wasn’t with a family that was able to get the medical care she needed early enough, and her mammary tumor grew to be quite large. After being surrendered by the family, and undergoing a successful surgery, she left the vet’s office with a wagging tail and hope for a new forever home. Even though the lab results came back as a soft tissue sarcoma, her blood work and x-rays did not show any signs of disease progression.


Lexi during her time in foster care:

Ready for her new life after surgery, Lexi went home to her foster family, who had two other labs and lots of cats. She settled in, healed, and gave love to everyone she met…including the photographer who came to do her photo shoot for our website. Lexi and her foster mom met the photographer on the trails at Pocahontas State Park where she hammed it up and smiled for the camera, being extra sure to show off “her best side.” Little did she know then, or did she?, that the photographer went home that day and didn’t stop thinking about the sweet, beautiful dog she had just photographed.

Lexi's Happily Ever After!

Lexi was adopted! 10 days later, the photographer went back to see Lexi. This time it was for keeps! Lexi hopped in the back of her car and went home with her to live with her new dad and their female 13 year old black lab, Sox. Soon after, they all drove in their big truck and RV to the Outer Banks where Lexi and Sox ran on the beach and camped in the RV. Lexi was sad when shortly after that trip, Sox crossed the rainbow bridge. In fact, Lexi lay by Sox’s side in the back of the car to the vet where they said goodbye.
Lexi’s mom and dad knew she still needed a sister, so a few weeks later they brought home a puppy named Kizzy! Kizzy is a black lab, beagle, dachshund mix that they call a Labradachagle. Lexi has shown Kizzy the ropes, including how to travel in the RV! They even went all the way up to Maine over the summer where they hiked, went to Acadia National Park, and Lexi taught Kizzy how to swim in a lake! Since she was adopted in March, Lexi has been on trips to the OBX, Maine, Florida (twice), and South Carolina. She loves going on trips, especially when she gets to go swimming in lakes or at the beach! She enjoys meeting new people and dogs while sitting fireside at the campgrounds.

Lexi’s mom and dad tell us that they can’t imagine not giving this beautiful, sweetheart of a girl the best life she deserves. Lexi is the perfect big sister to Kizzy…both tolerant of the puppy stage and playful when they share toys and play tug-of-war with a rope. They all take several walks a day and have several more trips planned in the RV. Lexi and Kizzy’s even have their own YouTube channel called BlackLabRVAdventures.



Casey and Jackson


Do you remember Casey & Jackson?

Casey and Jackson, 7 and 6 years old, are a bonded pair that came to LRGR because their family was getting ready to move and could not take them with them. They lived their whole lives outside and had never had a bath! They also needed to lose 20-30lbs each. They were searching for a place to call their forever home, be spoiled, and learn the luxuries of the indoor dog life.


Casey & Jackson during their time in foster care:

While in foster care Casey and Jackson quickly found that they enjoy the comforts of a pampered life inside! Casey was a wiggler and enjoyed receiving unending love and affection! She liked to be near her people and near to Jackson. She enjoyed splashing around in the kiddie pool and going on walks. Jackson loved to pick up his toys and carry them around in his mouth. When Jackson would lay down he could be seen casually thumping his tail on the ground because he was always so happy. Jackson loved to have his belly rubbed too! Casey and Jackson were always smiling and they were just happy to be near their people. They both quickly learned the house rules and adjusted to their new lifestyle with ease! Whenever inside they preferred to lay near their foster mom, wherever she went, they went. They enjoyed helping in the kitchen by laying in the middle of the floor creating a fun obstacle course for their foster mom. They loved to gaze at you with pure love and affection in their eyes! They were going to make some family very happy!

Casey & Jackson’s Happily Ever After!

Casey and Jackson were adopted! Their new family is so in love! Not only do Casey and Jackson enjoy being spoiled and loved on, but their new family wouldn’t have it any other way! They are popular in their neighborhood as Jackson is well-known for walking with a favorite toy, or slipper, in his mouth! They go through a lot of toys! Both are doing incredibly well, with lots of walks and stairs to climb. And with careful watch of their diet, they have both lost weight. Jackson has lost over 14 pounds and now you can sometimes catch him running around in the backyard with Casey! Casey and Jackson have filled the hole in their family’s heart that was left when they lost their previous bonded pair earlier this year. This was definitely a match made in heaven!