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We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
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Meet Daphne!

Daphne spent most of her life outside and neglected. She developed mammary gland tumors and was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. Her malignant tumors were removed and she is doing amazing! Daphne is heartworm positive but thankfully is not showing any symptoms. She is undergoing a 12 month heartworm treatment which should be completed around June-July 2020. Daphne’s forever family will need to watch for new lumps and bumps and have them checked by the vet if they appear.


During Daphne's time in foster care she has proved to be an amazing and loving dog! She is fully house trained and can be trusted with free reign of her home. Daphne would do well living in the wide open country running and playing or she could make herself at home as a city girl with a few walks each day. This princess will keep her kingdom clear of those pesky squirrels but she needs to be supervised during her time outside even if there is a fence! She’s an escape artist and can climb small fences and gates. She thrives with good boundaries and direction, she is smart and loves to please! Daphne is a fast learner, she knows sit, down, shake and does great on a leash! She spends most of her time smiling, loving her humans and playing with her four-legged foster siblings. She loves affection and loves to be near her people! Daphne loves to play with her squeaky toys and bones but food is her sweet spot!

Daphne is still vibrant as ever and full of life! You would never know what she's been through if you met her. She’s come a long way since she first came to LRGR and continues to thrive each day! Daphne deserves the most amazing home, to be spoiled non-stop and be treated like a princess. She can't wait to find a place to call home and live her best life! If you are looking for a fun-loving, amazing dog who loves to give you smiles, she's your gal! Whoever opens their heart to this amazing girl will never regret it!

Must Know:

  • Daphne, 7 year old female, 50 pounds

  • Good with kids

  • Great with other dogs / good with cats

  • Medium energy level

  • 6 foot fence required

  • Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma

  • Heartworm Positive and undergoing a 12 month treatment which should be completed around June-July 2020❤️


Meet Lady!

Well hello there, I am Lady and yes - I am 100% natural! I am a lovely yellow lab and seven years of age. As you can see, I am on the heavier side when it comes to my weight, but with proper exercise and fewer snacks I will get my summer body back in no time! I sleep in a crate at night and enjoy having my own place, but I don’t have any accidents inside the house if left out. Toys and bones are a young pup’s game - I would rather just have your undivided attention and belly rubs! I am a smart girl and know “sit” “no” and “come.” What more would you want in a life partner?

Must Know:

  • Lady, yellow lab, 142lbs, 7 years old

  • Good with dogs, good with cats

  • Great with children

  • Older children recommended


Meet Freckles!

Hello humans, my name is Freckles and I am the answer to your prayers. I am the ripe age of nine, but you would not know it by my cheerful disposition and love of walks! I am such a good girl that I get to roam freely at my foster family’s home! Apparently I am like the Princess and the Pea because I like to sleep on a pillow at night! I am pretty relaxed most of the time and am more than happy to lounge near you all day, so long as you give me a couple of head scratches and treats. I am independent and happy to let you do your own thing while I snooze or explore the yard. My foster mommy gave me a squeaky toy and I discovered how much I LOVE SQUEAKY TOYS. I may take a couple of days to adjust to a new environment, but once I know I am home, I will be so grateful.

Must Know:

  • Freckles, 9 years old, 69lbs, female

  • No cats or small dogs.

  • I do great with dogs my size!

  • I love being around children


Meet Bruce!

Hi friends! I am Bruce and I am so much fun! I am only 14 months old, so I am still a baby but I am a huge lovebug. Dogs are fun and I like to play lots! I sleep in my crate at night and am so smart, all you have to do is get a treat and tell me “crate time!” Talk about a good boy! I am very responsive to commands and full of affection. My foster parents tell me that I can match my energy levels to my surroundings very well! I love to get pets and give kisses and play fetch. I am working on my pulling on walks because I just can't get enough good sniffs! I can’t wait for my forever family to snuggle and play with! See you soon!

Must Know:

  • Bruce, 71lbs, 14 months old, black lab, male

  • Dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Matches energy levels well

  • Raised around children


Meet Cordelia!

Cordelia came to LRGR with her 4 litter mates, their mom is a Fox Hound and dad is a Lab. She was born on 12/14/19.

Must Know:

  • Black and white female, 9 weeks, 13 lbs.

  • Happy and playful, typical puppy energy

  • Dog friendly

  • Loves attention

  • Working on potty training


Meet Willow!

Willow came to LRGR with her 4 litter mates, their mom is a Fox Hound and dad is a Lab. She was born on 12/14/19.

Must Know:

  • Black female, 9 weeks, 10 lbs.

  • Tiny, but feisty and active, typical puppy energy

  • Dog friendly, would love a home with a playmate

  • Working on potty training


Meet Charlotte!

HI! I am Charlotte and I am fearless! At six weeks old, I only weigh about 9lbs but I am absolute perfection. I have five brothers and sisters so I love to be around other pups and am even learning how to go potty outside!! I sleep with my brother in our crate at night and will let you know when I need to go out. I love to explore and play tug of war with my foster fur brother! When I said I am fearless, I meant it - even when my foster mom vacuums!! I don’t even flinch! Take THAT vacuum! I want all toys to myself at all times so please ensure I have lots of fun toys to play with in my forever home!!

Must Know:

  • Charlotte, six weeks old, black lab female

  • Dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Puppy energy

  • Kids are so fun


Meet Wilbur!

Hello I’m Wilbur and I am a little guy with the sweetest personality! I am six weeks old and about 10lbs. I have five brothers and sisters so I love to be around other pups and am currently learning how much fun it is to go potty outside! I sleep in a crate at night with my sister and let you know when I need to go out at night. I love to relax and snuggle with humans and puppy siblings and just chill out. I am different from my siblings because I like playing and relaxing equally as much - there is a time for both! I will play with toys and friends but when I am done, I just want pets and love and a nap. My foster mom says I can sleep in very unique positions and I don’t miss a meal. Can you blame me?!


  • Wilbur, six weeks, black lab male

  • Dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Puppy energy

  • Kids are so fun!

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