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Currently we are not accepting new applications, due to the overwhelming amount of applications submitted during the COVID-19 pandemic. This influx of applications has caused an imbalance between  incoming dogs and  approved applications.


We are accepting applications for our special needs dogs. These dogs have a light blue tag next to their picture.

We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
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All potential adopters must be pre-approved before they are able to adopt.
Please visit the adoption process page for more information on how to adopt.
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We are accepting Applications for Scout. Please email :

Must Know:

  • Scout, 13 years old, female black lab, 50.8lbs

  • Would do best as the only dog

  • Cats unknown

  • Blind in one eye, Cushing’s Disease, arthritis

  • Great fit for older adults

  • Recommended for kids 10 and up

  • Low energy

Meet Scout!


Hi folks, my name is Scout and I am the most perfect companion. I am thirteen years young and absolutely love my people. My youthful spirit comes out every time I get a KONG filled with treats - I am tenacious trying to get every morsel out of it!! I really like to chew on bullysticks too. My favorite place is next to my people, especially at night. I sleep just fine in my crate, but there is something so peaceful about sleeping near my family - my foster mom says I snore a little! I am a great fit for older adults and as an only dog. I am a bit of a diva when it comes to heat, so short walks and indoor play are enough for me to be content. I am house trained and know neat tricks like “sit, no, come and stay.” I do great on my leash during walks and LOVE having my ears rubbed. My foster mom says I have an incredible spirit and only want to please. I am truly such a spunky gal and absolutely love life. I promise to make you laugh every day! I cannot wait to meet my new family!


Must Know:

  • Jenna, 2 years old, female black lab, 60-65lbs

  • Dog friendly, loves to play

  • Not good with Cats

  • Does well with children 7yrs and up

  • Medium to high energy

Meet Jenna!


Hiya there, my name is Jenna! I am a sweet and sassy two year old gal who lives for squeaky toys, romping with other dogs and pulling the stuffing out of toys. I love going on walks and try my very best to be a good girl, but I tend to pull when I see another dog and want to say hi. My foster mommy is teaching me to stop doing that! I am the definition of a lovebug and I love getting all the attention I can - I desperately want to be part of the group just in case someone is feeling generous with pets. I could play all day long if you let me!! I like to help my humans prepare dinner and then like to lay under the table during family meals. I have a high prey drive, so no promises if I see a squirrel!! See you all soon!


We are accepting Applications for Snowball. Please email :

Must Know:

  • Snowball, 10 years young, female yellow lab, 77lbs

  • Kid friendly but would do best in a low energy home without small children

  • Not cat friendly

  • Recovering from TPLO surgery

  • Requires a house with less than five steps to enter

  • Best as an only dog

Meet Snowball!

Weatherman says snow in the middle of the summer?! It’s me, Snowball!! I am a gorgeous lab of around ten years old. I love all people, no matter their age or gender! I am more on the low energy side of things - I enjoy sleeping, sunbathing outside, laying around and getting pets all day. I have manners and don’t get on the furniture or bark at anyone walking by! My favorite command is “lay and stay” - but I do that pretty well on my own anyways. What can I say, I am ZEN! I prefer calm environments where I can relax and meditate. I will sleep anywhere you want me, but I can’t climb stairs so I tend to take over the bottom floor. As part of my zen, calm life, I would just like you to know that I absolutely love to eat cheese, chicken and scrambled eggs since I am mostly human.


We are accepting Applications for Jack. Please email :

Must Know:

  • Jack, 5 years old, black lab, male, 55lbs - I need to gain about 15lbs!

  • Friendly with female dogs, not friendly with males

  • High prey drive, not cat friendly

  • Kid friendly, loves ALL people

  • Heartworm positive, beginning injections in a month


Meet Jack!

Hello party people, my name is Jack and I am a dream come true! I am a five year old beautiful black lab and I absolutely love humans - all kinds. They are so fun and like to play lots of fun games! Like any normal lab, I am very busy and tend to get myself into trouble with my curiosity - especially when it comes to chewing things...what can I say, I get bored easily! I really like to be outside but have a hard time staying focused, there is just so much to do and I want to do it all at the same time!! One of the highlights of my day is meeting new people. Like I said before, I love ALL people - they give me love and pets and I am all about that. I like lady doggos a lot but I’m not a big fan of boy doggos. I want to be the only boy doggo in your life! I can’t wait to meet you!!


Must Know:

  • Pecan, 6 year old, 60 lbs, brown female lab mix

  • Dog friendly

  • Energy level: low to medium

  • Good with older kids

  • Good with cats

Meet Pecan!

Hello y’all! My name is Pecan and I am so sweet that I will give you a toothache! I am a 6 years old, 60 lbs, gorgeous brown, female lab mix with the most adorable black spots. I am a very laid back girl who enjoys doggie company and taking strolls through the neighborhood.. I might seem a little shy when you first meet me but you soon will realize that I am amazing. I have heard my foster parents using words like sweet, snuggly and calm when they have described me. I know my name and I am very attentive and I bet you could teach me many more things.
I am looking for a companion that will enjoy quiet time, snuggles, and basically having a homebody pup. I have so much love to give and I can’t wait to meet my family!

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