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Roxy Ann and Abbie

If you are interested please email :

Must Know:

  • Roxy: Purebred chocolate lab, 11 years old, female, 100lbs, mother of Abbie

  • Abbie: Purebred yellow lab, 8 years old, female, 90 lbs

  • Bonded pair, need to be adopted together

  • Kid friendly-10 and above

  • Dog friendly- best with other calm dogs

  • Cat friendly

  • Need home with minimal stairs

  • Wooden fence required-Abbie is a digger and escape artist

  • Low to medium energy

  • Roxy is not spayed and won't be due to her age.

  • Abbie needs Adequan for her arthritis one time a week for the rest of her life. Cost ranging between $40-$160

Meet Roxy Ann and Abbie! BONDED-Must be adopted together.

Hello all, we are radiant Roxy Ann and adorable Abbie! We are a mother/daughter bonded pair who are looking for a loving home!

My name is Roxy Ann and I am a beautiful chocolate,100 lbs, 11 year old girl. My gorgeous daughter is named Abbie and is yellow as the sun and is only 8 years old and weighs 90 lbs. We are both purebred and as loving as can be. We love kids, dogs, and cats! We love everyone! We like following our foster parents all over the house and sitting with them on the sofa or sleeping in their room, though sometimes, Abbie does sit on their lap! When we snuggle, we love to be petted and if you dare stop the petting, we will gently nudge you just so you continue. We are looking for a family that will love us and relax along with us. We love meeting older dogs like us and children.

We both know our names and I am sure that you can teach us old dogs some new tricks! Our foster mom said that if you open up a dictionary and looked at the word sweet, you would find a picture of us. We are the sweetest dogs you will ever find. Our favorite things in life are our people, snuggling, our people, each other, our people and treats!! We are looking for a forever family or for a foster to adopt family.


Must Know:

  • Sally, 3 years old, 65lbs, black lab, female

  • Dog friendly

  • Kiddo friendly, previously lived with young children and loved them

  • Not cat friendly

  • Low-medium energy

Meet Sally!

I am not a hurricane and I am not a mustang, but I sure am Sally! I am three years old. I am the sweetest girl in town and although I can be a bit shy when first meeting someone, I warm up quickly. I have made myself at home in my foster momma’s house and will pop onto the couch the second someone gets up - you snooze, you lose pal! I have free reign of the home and love going on walks. I enjoy exploring my backyard where I chase the squirrels and birds away - it’s hard work, but someone has to do it! I always greet my humans with a token of appreciation when they come in the door like a toy, ball, or stick. I am an independent gal who doesn’t need constant attention, but boy do I love getting a good scratch on the bum! I thrive in a home with routine! I love kiddos, adults and other pups, but it does take me a minute to warm up. Playing with other doggies is so much fun and I think I would like to have a canine friend to live with. I can’t wait to get comfy with a new family and let my personality shine!


Must Know:

  • Roxie, 5 years 2 months old, female, black with some white, 60lbs, lab

  • Would do best as an only dog, particular about her playmates

  • NOT cat friendly, high prey drive

  • 6ft fence requirement, will jump 4ft.

  • Loves all people but would do best with children 12+

  • 10/10 a good girl

Meet Roxie!

Hi new friends, my name is Roxie! I am five years and two months old, and an absolute goofball! I get very wiggly when I see anyone I love coming towards me and have lots of energy that needs to be exercised out, but once I’m worn out, I will snuggle to my heart’s content. I am looking for a family that will take me outside and play, go on long walks, and teach me some new tricks - I am a very smart girl and food motivated, so I am willing to learn anything! I already know how to sit and stay. Little animals like squirrels, cats and birds make me want to chase and as my name suggests, “retrieve” them. When it’s time for me to eat, I will hoot and holler like a good dog to let you know how excited I am!! My favorite place to get scratchies from my people is behind my ears, but belly rubs are a very close second! I would love a big yard to run in and lots of squeaky toys. I can’t wait to meet you!

Middy (Currently on medical hold)

Must Know:

  • Middy, 5 year old, female black lab, 68 lbs

  • Good with dogs

  • Kid friendly

  • Strong prey instinct, will try to chase cats, squirrels and deer

  • Energy level-medium

Meet Middy!

Hello lovely people, my name is Middy and you would never guess how sweet and lovely I am. I am a 5 year old, black female lab weighing a dainty 68 lbs. Be prepared for me to steal from you, that is your hearts! Once you have met me, there is nothing left to do but to love me. I love all people, children and dogs. On walks I usually bark hello to my friends as I am exploring all the new smells around me. I love smells! Treats smell so good to me, that you can easily get me to do anything! I have already learned to sit and lay down. Inside the house, I have free reign since I know how to behave! My one weakness is stuffed animals. Oh my! I will do anything to get them, including going into my foster sisters room and stealing hers! You know what’s even better than stuffed animals? Stuffed animals with squeakers!! I get so excited with them that I take them to my people and give a little growl, that is, a love growl! I enjoy expressing my thoughts by talking out loud and offering also a doggy bark hello when I see you come back home. I love food and sometimes feel that I deserve seconds so I walk around the house with my bowl in my mouth in hopes that someone will comply. You know those peanut butter filled bones? I love them and carry them around with me. One thing that gets to me is deer. What in the world are those things? I want to get close to them and check them out! I can easily get redirected when I see a cat or a squirrel but those things? Nope, bring me one!!

I am looking for a family who loves the outdoors and taking me on adventures, where we will hopefully see deer! I also want a family that will snuggle with me after our adventures.


Must Know:

  • Dipper, female yellow lab, 7 months, 30 lbs

  • Kid friendly

  • Dog friendly

  • Cats unknown

  • Energy level, high puppy energy

Meet Dipper!

Hiya there!! My name is Dipper and I am as awesome as a puppy could be! I am a 7 month old, yellow, female lab weighing in at 30lbs! Even though I am tiny, I have a humongous personality! Every person or animal I meet quickly becomes a friend! Since I am young, I do need to be reminded of certain lady lab manners but with time and patience, I will be even more awesome than I already am!

My foster mom says I am a little love bug who believes she is a lap dog. I enjoy running around the yard in circles and then climbing on a lap for a little nap and a belly rub!

I am already house trained and also crate trained. My door is left open and I can go in and out of it. At night, I do enjoy snuggling on a bed! I have already learned how to sit and give a paw and I am sure you can teach me many more tricks, that is, as long as you have a treat in your hand! I love treats and will do anything for one! One of my favorite things also are squeaky toys and balls! You throw and I retrieve!

I am looking for a family who will give me belly rubs, room to grow, puppy training and love!


Must Know:

  • Andy, 2 year old, male black lab, 69 lbs

  • Dog friendly

  • Cats unknown

  • Kid friendly

  • Energy level: medium

  • Heart worm positive

Meet Andy!

Hi there! I am Andy, and just like the character on Toy Story, I am the sweetest boy around. I am a 2 year old, male, black lab who weighs 69 lbs. I am very calm and love being around my family. I enjoy going on long walks where I get to meet doggie friends and spending time outside. My manners are impeccable, I don’t jump on furniture or beg for food! I sleep all night long in my doggie bed and love sleeping in! I am a curious boy who loves finding new smells on our walks. At the moment, I am learning my name as well as some commands and I bet with some bacon or cheese flavored treats, you could get me to learn more. I am very careful with my toys and play gently with my stuffed animals, I do chase the frisbee outside but still don’t know why people want me to bring it back to them!

I am a very handsome boy and love looking at myself in the mirror or the dishwasher. I mean, who could resist my handsome looks? I am looking for a family who really enjoys the outdoors and taking walks with me.


Must Know:

  • Colby, 2 years old, 60 lbs, male yellow lab

  • Dog friendly but would do fine as an only dog

  • Cats unknown, will chase squirrels

  • Kid friendly

  • Energy level, medium

Meet Colby!

Hello! I am Colby, a 2 year old, 60 lbs, male yellow lab. I am a sweet boy who is searching for a new family who can give me belly rubs! I enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood and meeting other dogs. I sometimes get excited on my walks, especially when I see squirrels all over the yard! You could call me a scientist since I like to look for worms and bugs in the yard too! It is so much fun seeing what I can unearth! I am learning new tricks like ‘sit, down, no’ and I’m starting to learn ‘kennel’. Fluffy toys and treats are among my favorite things in the world, that is, after belly rubs. I love playing outside and the best part of it is when I get to come inside and take a nap. I love naps! They are so refreshing and then I have enough energy to go back outside and start playing all over again! I tremendously enjoy car rides since it means I am going on an adventure and I can take a nap in there!

I am looking for a family who will enjoy snuggling on the sofa, rubbing my belly and exploring the world with me.

Biscuit (Courtesy Posting)

Must Know:

  • Biscuit, 1 - 1.5 year old, female, 50 lbs

  • Good with dogs

  • Annoys Cats

  • Not good with younger Children

  • Energy level- High

  • Very social

  • Please contact Matt Ellison at 703-300-4716 or with any questions about Biscuit.

Meet Biscuit!

Biscuit (approx. 1-1.5 years old, 50 pounds) is a spunky female Lab mix who loves other dogs and is full of personality! Biscuit was adopted into a loving home in January 2020, but unfortunately did not adjust well when her parents brought a baby home in early September, so her parents had to make the extremely difficult decision to find a new home for her.

Biscuit would love to have a puppy sibling! She takes social cues from other dogs and a friend at home will boost her confidence. She also enjoys playing with other dogs and enjoys going to the dog park and to doggy day care. Her dream home includes a fenced-in yard. She is good at modifying her play style to fit different energy levels and personalities in her doggy playmates. Biscuit has recently shown a tendency to resource guard around other dogs, so she will need some supervision with shared toys when she first arrives in a new home. As for cats, Biscuit is not dangerous or aggressive with them, but she does tend to annoy them with her playful energy so it's probably best if she sticks to dog siblings.

Biscuit is no stranger to training! She has completed multiple obedience classes and knows all her basic commands. She was doing very well with socialization training and learning to make friends with strangers but will continue to need help in this area. Biscuit would prefer to live in a quiet home without small children. If you have a lot of visitors, Biscuit likes a different space where she can go when the visitors are around. 

Biscuit is very affectionate with her people and loves their physical contact once she gets to know them. She is crate trained and house trained, and is not destructive around the house. She is up to date with all vaccinations, heartworm, and flea/tick protection.


Please contact Matt Ellison at 703-300-4716 or with any questions about Biscuit.

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