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We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
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Meet Daphne!

Daphne spent most of her life outside and neglected. She developed mammary gland tumors and was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. Her malignant tumors were removed and she is doing amazing! Daphne is heartworm positive but thankfully is not showing any symptoms. She is undergoing a 12 month heartworm treatment which should be completed around June-July 2020. Daphne’s forever family will need to watch for new lumps and bumps and have them checked by the vet if they appear.


During Daphne's time in foster care she has proved to be an amazing and loving dog! She is fully house trained and can be trusted with free reign of her home. Daphne would do well living in the wide open country running and playing or she could make herself at home as a city girl with a few walks each day. This princess will keep her kingdom clear of those pesky squirrels but she needs to be supervised during her time outside even if there is a fence! She’s an escape artist and can climb small fences and gates. She thrives with good boundaries and direction, she is smart and loves to please! Daphne is a fast learner, she knows sit, down, shake and does great on a leash! She spends most of her time smiling, loving her humans and playing with her four-legged foster siblings. She loves affection and loves to be near her people! Daphne loves to play with her squeaky toys and bones but food is her sweet spot!

Daphne is still vibrant as ever and full of life! You would never know what she's been through if you met her. She’s come a long way since she first came to LRGR and continues to thrive each day! Daphne deserves the most amazing home, to be spoiled non-stop and be treated like a princess. She can't wait to find a place to call home and live her best life! If you are looking for a fun-loving, amazing dog who loves to give you smiles, she's your gal! Whoever opens their heart to this amazing girl will never regret it!

Must Know:

  • Daphne, 7 year old female, 50 pounds

  • Good with kids

  • Great with other dogs / good with cats

  • Medium energy level

  • 6 foot fence required

  • Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma

  • Heartworm Positive and undergoing a 12 month treatment which should be completed around June-July 2020❤️


Meet Lady!

Well hello there, I am Lady and yes - I am 100% natural! I am a lovely yellow lab and seven years of age. As you can see, I am on the heavier side when it comes to my weight, but with proper exercise and fewer snacks I will get my summer body back in no time! I sleep in a crate at night and enjoy having my own place, but I don’t have any accidents inside the house if left out. Toys and bones are a young pup’s game - I would rather just have your undivided attention and belly rubs! I am a smart girl and know “sit” “no” and “come.” What more would you want in a life partner?

Must Know:

  • Lady, yellow lab, 130lbs, 7 years old

  • Must be an only dog, cat friendly

  • Great with children

  • Older children recommended


Meet Freckles!

Hello humans, my name is Freckles and I am the answer to your prayers. I am the ripe age of nine, but you would not know it by my cheerful disposition and love of walks! I am such a good girl that I get to roam freely at my foster family’s home! Apparently I am like the Princess and the Pea because I like to sleep on a pillow at night! I am pretty relaxed most of the time and am more than happy to lounge near you all day, so long as you give me a couple of head scratches and treats. I am independent and happy to let you do your own thing while I snooze or explore the yard. My foster mommy gave me a squeaky toy and I discovered how much I LOVE SQUEAKY TOYS. I may take a couple of days to adjust to a new environment, but once I know I am home, I will be so grateful.

Must Know:

  • Freckles, 9 years old, 69lbs, female

  • No cats or small dogs.

  • I do great with dogs my size!

  • I love being around children


Meet Oscar!

Hey party people! My name is Oscar, and I am excited to meet you! I arrived at LRGR as a stray, so now I’m looking for a home to call my own. I’m about 11-12 years old, and I am one chill dude. I’ve got this beautiful chocolate coat, see? My foster parents say I’m a chill dude who’s low maintenance. Since my energy level is on the lower side, I’m down to Netflix and hang with you. I enjoy several short walks a day and I’m good on leash. I enjoy sniffing around the yard, and I’m great with other dogs, but I haven’t gotten to know any cats yet. I’m currently in a foster home with 3 other dogs and we all get along well. My foster family has also noticed that I love my backside scratched! I’ll even scratch it myself by rubbing up against the couch! Ha! They let me snooze on the dog beds downstairs during the day, and at night, I head upstairs with them.

I haven’t met any children yet, and my eyesight has seen better days (see what I did there?) as I’ve got cataracts in both of my eyes. Since it’s becoming harder for me to see, I’d probably do best with older children. Hit me up and let’s meet!


Must Know:

  • Oscar, 11-12 years old, chocolate male

  • Great with other dogs, cat friendly

  • Low energy level, low maintenance gentleman!

  • Would do best with older children

  • Would be great with older adults

  • Best in a household with few or no stairs


Meet Xena!

Hi there, I am Xena! I am a new mom to six puppies who are on their way to their new forever homes and now I’m looking for mine. I’m between 4-6 years old - a lady doesn’t disclose her exact age! My foster mommy calls me a warrior princess because I haven’t had it easy but I’m still so full of love! For example, I love to snuggle and sit in your lap; I will even burrow my head and body into you like I am giving you a hug! I like to have my belly rubbed and get some bum scratches and I will give the occasional kiss. One of my most favorite things to do is play fetch - I get so excited! I can run very fast, and once I get the toy, I will lay it at your feet for you to throw it again. I need a home where I am the only dog. I would also do best with someone who has solid training knowledge or someone willing to work with a trainer since I need extra help on the leash and how to properly respond to all of the strange things in this great big world! I can’t wait to meet you!

Must Know:

  • Xena, between 4-6 years old, female, 63lbs, black lab mix

  • Not dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Good with Kids

  • Needs an experienced owner with training knowledge or someone willing to work with a trainer to help with her reactivity

  • Not recommended for older adults

  • Heartworm Positive ❤️


Meet Ziva!


Hello all! My name is Ziva and I am a beautiful girl. I was named Ziva which means “radiance, light, brightness”, and all those words are perfect to describe me! I am 8 years old and full of spunk! I do like to move slowly though due to challenges with my eyesight. The vet thinks I can mostly see lights and shapes but that doesn’t stop me! I will move slowly at first until I become used to my surroundings and then, watch out! I will get comfortable and make myself at home. Since I have cataracts, I can get startled easily since I might not see you coming to pet me or I can’t see where a sound is coming from. I am looking for a loving, laid back family who will help guide me until I feel comfortable around my new forever home. As I become familiar with my surroundings, you will see that I don’t need perfect eyesight to be happy! Walks? I love being on a leash and exploring the outdoors! But to be honest, I like snuggling and laying around. Not a complete couch potato but I like relaxing at your feet. One thing I do love and like to indulge in are ice cubes!! They taste so refreshing and are fun to play with!


Let me tell you a secret, I have been told that I am super sweet with an amazing personality! I would love you so much that you would even wonder how you survived without me. Come meet me and as my name says, I will bring light and brightness into your life.


Must Know:

  •  Ziva, 8 years old, 70 lbs female lab

  •  Dog friendly and great with cats, would also do great on her own

  •  Great with children (best with older kids due to eyesight)

  • Low to medium energy

  •  Has cataracts and can probably see lights and some shapes.

  • Perfect for older adults


Meet Marley!

Hello there! I am Marley, a 5 year old golden boy. I am an extremely friendly pup who loves playing with other dogs . Sometimes I try to show I am the boss but my foster family is teaching me how to play more appropriately. I would make an amazing family dog since I love children of all ages! I love walks and get very excited because there are so many smells in the neighborhood! My foster Mom is working hard to teach me how to enjoy walks like a gentleman and I’m getting better each day. In my foster home I have come across these things called cats and I bark at them but that’s it! I’m sure I’ll get used to them soon. My energy levels are normal, I enjoy my exercise and I also like to chill. I enjoy a good walk each day and then you can throw me balls so I can fetch! A fenced-in backyard would be great since I have been known to be an escape artist.

My foster mom tells me I’m a very smart boy! I didn’t know any commands when I arrived and now, I’ve learned a few like sit and come. Maybe you can teach me more!! I am so smart and well behaved that I don’t need a crate to sleep in, maybe I can snuggle in bed with you? Though when it’s hot, I like a cold kitchen floor!

I’m looking for a family who will love my eagerness to please and is looking for a new best friend! That will be me! Right now, I have an amazing bond with my foster brother, he is my best friend, I follow him everywhere!! And this could be you!! You could become my forever best friend!! I will love you and show you affection every day!

Must Know:

  • Marley, 5 year old, 86lbs yellow lab

  • Good with dogs/cats-will bark

  • Great with children

  • Medium energy- loves walks and fetching balls

  • Escape artist-Needs a fence

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