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                                       Is there something in your life that you feel is a calling, that you have a burning desire to fulfill? You                                           probably already know what mine is if you read my posts, it’s trying to save dogs one dog at a time                                             helping in whatever way I can. Sometimes the comments will say I’m “wonderful”, but I’m not the one                                         that is wonderful. Some of these dogs come from abusive or neglectful backgrounds, or have health                                         conditions that they’ve lived with for longer than we can imagine. Some are breeder dogs that are                                              just assets used to make money, living outside and drinking dirty water, having babies or being a                                                 stud, never going inside or having much human contact. Yet, no matter how they were treated, many                                         immediately put their full trust in their human transporters, fosters and adopters. They give copious kisses. They nuzzle us and wag their whole bodies! Some of them even go belly up for a belly rub! Sometimes I know their backgrounds and sometimes I don’t. But they never cease to amaze me with their open willingness to love and be loved. THEY are wonderful! I am blessed to be a part of their new beginning, a new kind of life with love and compassion.

Sharon Beall , LRGR Volunteer since 2015


There are many ways to volunteer! 

Do you love working with animals and want to give back? Check out our opportunities below! 

You do not need to live in the Richmond area to be a volunteer! We rescue from all over the state of Virginia as well as in North and South Carolina. In addition, many of the ways you can help involve doing stuff from home electronically! So don't wait! Join us now and start making a difference!

Maggie Foster.jpg

Become a Foster Family

Want to save a life and be rewarded with unconditional love? Foster families care for a Lab in their home until the perfect forever home is found. Our ability to rescue relies on the availability of foster homes. Lab Rescue pays for all medical bills. The foster family provides a stable home, food, basic training, and most importantly, love.

Submit a foster application here: Application.

Adoption Coordinators (AC)

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Interested in helping our labs find their forever home? We are in need of adoption coordinators who work closely with families to help them find the perfect pup!

Adoption coordinators are assigned applications for review, interview potential adopters and check references. They follow all of our pups available for adoption and let their potential adopters know when a pup that's a match comes along! We average around 10 to 15 applications a week. As a volunteer, you can take on as many or as few applications as your schedule allows!

There are at least two great things about volunteering with our rescue as an adoption coordinator:

1. You have the opportunity to be a part of rescuing a dog in need and helping them find their forever home, where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives!

2. You have the opportunity to be a part of making a family complete by matching them with a dog that will bring joy, laughter and love that will last in their hearts for a lifetime!

It is truly incredible to be a part of making a difference in the lives of others! And while we are Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond, you do not need to be local to be a volunteer for our rescue! You can process applications from the comfort of your own home regardless of where you are located! Or from work, we won't tell! So hurry up and complete our volunteer application! We need you on our team!


Volunteer on our Intake Team!

The intake team is a busy place and has multiple areas for volunteer opportunities.

  1. Owner Surrender Coordinator-   There are times that an owner must surrender their Lab and we strive to provide the family with an understanding of their situation and  give them piece of mind that their Lab will  be placed in a loving home. If you are a compassionate person with good communications skills we would welcome your help.

  2. Shelter Coordinator-  The shelter coordinator works closely with animal shelters to rescue dogs in need. Shelter coordinators must be able to access Facebook and communicate through phone and email.  The Shelter coordinator will gather information about the dog, request pictures and ask for an evaluation video of the dog interacting with other dogs and humans.

  3. Dog Evaluators-  Are you dog savvy? Do you understand dog language? If so, evaluating our incoming dogs is the place for you.


Getting our Labs to their foster home is an important job!  Exactly how does it works? When we have a need for transport, we will post in detail  to our Volunteer Facebook page. A request will be made with the day, time and location of pick up and drop off.  You must have reliable transportation, a valid drivers license and car insurance.  Transporters must have a collar and leash. A crate is optional.  The transport team is an excellent opportunity for hands on work. If you like doggie kisses ,this may be the volunteer opportunity for you.

dog on back.jpg

Home Checks

Post Home checks are conducted in connection with every adoption. Home checks are an opportunity for us to make sure the new adoptive family is having a successful adoption.  Home checks may be performed in person or through the use of phone, Zoom, Facetime or any appropriate platform. If you enjoy speaking with people and meeting some of our adopted dogs, you may want to join our post adoption team. 

Social Media Team

Calling all dog lovers with a Creative Bone in their body!  We are looking for creative writers to write dog bios and create content for events, marketing and fundraising posts. We share this content on Facebook, Instagram, Petfinder and our Website. 

Another aspect of the Social Media Team is Photography:

We need photographers to take photos of our dogs available for adoption to help them find their forever home! We also have year round opportunities for event photographers, promotional photographers and those with Canva experience. 

Chocolate in a cone.jpg

Medical Coordinator

Every Lab that comes through our rescue will need to be seen by a veterinarian. The Medical Coordinator will review the dog’ s records upon intake.The medical coordinator works closely with the foster family, providing information on what a dog needs medically and follows up with the foster family after vet visits. This position requires the ability to communicate through text and email. The volunteer must also be able to fill out a simple medical form for each dog assigned.

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