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Meet Our Labs

We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
Click on the photos in their galleries to enlarge!
All potential adopters must be pre-approved before they are able to adopt.
Please visit the adoption process page for more information on how to adopt.
Click on the large heart next to the name for heartworm information.


Must Know:

  • Luigi, black with some white, male, 1 yr old, 55 lbs

  • Dog friendly – very!

  • Dog-savvy cat friendly

  • No kids – Luigi is scared of kids

  • Active med energy – calm at home but loves playing with dogs and can swim all day!

Meet Luigi


Luigi needs a home! He's been in foster care with LRGR for one whole year...his whole life!

We know he doesn't resemble the typical labby-looking-dogs we usually have here for adoption at LRGR, but he's the perfect size for lap snuggles and on-the-go adventures!

Luigi loves to start his mornings off by giving you kisses, and then a lengthy walk followed by breakfast time! After that, he's ready for a nice looonnngggg nap. He's an angel during the day while his foster parents work and loves to lay at their feet if they are working from home. If they go into the office, he's a true gentleman while they're away and doesn't mess with anything!

In the afternoons and evenings, Luigi is ecstatic for more walks, playtime with doggy friends, or yard play. Once tuckered out from exercising, he adores snuggling right up on his human for TV time and enjoys helping you taste test that popcorn!

For bedtime, Luigi either sleeps in the bed with his foster parents or sleeps on a dog bed next to his foster mama. During the day you can find him napping in his crate or on the sofa.

Luigi has grown up with all sorts of big dogs and enjoys playing most with Pitties, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Shepherds, etc - he gets so excited to see his friends for playdates!

Some of Luigi's favorite toys are Benebones, he has a stuffed elephant he loves, Chuckit! Kick Fetch ball, he is learning how to catch a frisbee, crinkly BARK toys, a stuffed Kong, and a good 'ol fashioned stick!

Luigi is quirky about feeding time. He likes to be away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, people, and other dogs, and enjoys a quiet, private room where he can savor his food at his own pace. He either eats off a snuffle mat, a lickmat, or is scatter fed.

Luigi is super thrilled about car rides and jumps right in, ready to hit the road! He enjoys hanging his head out the window to catch the breeze!

Due to Luigi being in foster care his whole first year of life, there will be a transition period for the adoption. There will be several Meet & Greets/trial visits, followed by sleepovers, then hopefully an adoption! He can be leery of meeting new people, so having patience is key + giving him time to adapt. He is located in downtown Richmond so you'd need to be willing to travel to him.

*Pending Adoption*

Must Know:

  • Laddy, yellow, male, 2 year old, 6l lbs

  • Dog friendly: LOVES to play with other dogs

  • Cat friendly

  • Energy level – medium

  • Kid friendly 12+

  • Fence not required, but if you do have a fence it needs to be at least 5 feet tall; no electric/invisible fencing

  • Will only be adopted to Richmond and surrounding counties

Meet Laddy


Do you love the outdoors with quiet spaces and the serenity and tranquility of nature? If Hiking along the wooded trail, feeling the peacefulness of your surroundings appeals to you, then perhaps Laddy would make a great trail companion and partner for you. Laddy thrives in the resfulness of a calm environment. He looks forward to his daily adventures in the woods of exploring and sniffing! Laddy will jump right in the car and is ready for his next adventure. He happily hits the trails with confidence. During our walks, if Laddy feels nervous about an approaching person or dog, we will play the engage/disengage game. He is a pro at this game and passes distractions without reactivity.

If taking your dog to the brewery is your thing, then Laddy would rather hang at your feet on your back deck while you enjoy your ice cold beverage at home. Most of us love the beach or lake, but if it is crowded with lots of activity, Laddy would much prefer a walk along a quiet stream or dip his toes in a baby pool.

Laddy loves helping outside around the house while you work in the yard. He will follow you around and be your work companion. But be watchful, it is possible that he may rearrange your tools or perhaps take your work gloves. He is young and curious and is learning what is his. He is not bothered by the sounds of the pneumatic tools, drills, hammers, or even the compressor. Inside the home, Laddy will gladly sit at your feet and stay nearby entertaining himself with a chew or feeder toy. If you need help with your laundry, he will gladly help with the clothes in the hopes of finding a dryer ball.

Dogs are naturally instinctive and intelligent, but need their humans to guide and coach them through life. Laddy responds well and is enthusiastic about his training. We believe in fear free, positive reinforcement, rewards based training. Laddy came to LRGR with “Stranger Danger”. This may have developed due to his lack of exposure to different humans during his first year of life. Through positive training Laddy is learning to have a different emotional response to strangers. When he first arrived he was very scared and frightened of people. Through training he is learning about different people and how they move about in their daily lives. Laddy is learning to relax in a stranger's presence by receiving treats and not having a stranger approach unless Laddy says it’s okay. Training is lifelong and provides an opportunity for you and your dog to build a trusting relationship and provides social and physical enrichment for your dog.

Laddy will flourish in a calm environment where his owner wishes to develop a relationship built around trust and a willingness to continue his training. From his wrinkles on his face when he smiles, to the white tip on his tail, he is a sweet boy that needs a human that understands his fear of people and is willing to be his coach. Do you have what it takes to be his lifecoach and partner?


Must Know:

  • Trejo, yellow male, 1 year old; 65 lbs

  • Dog friendly, but needs continued training on how to engage and disengage when on leash

  • Cats unknown

  • Kids 8+

  • No electric/invisible fencing

  • Active Med-High energy – loves to retrieve and go on walks

  • Trejo would be a great fit for someone who really wants a dog to play with them!

Meet Trejo

Hi Virginia, I’m Trejo and I am so excited to be here! I was found as a stray in South Carolina and they knew I’d find my people if I headed north. Well, I’m here and I’m ready to meet you!

I am full of love, and full of excitement! I love going out with my foster family. I want everyone to be my friend – people and dogs! I need some help with that though; when I’m on the leash, I get a little too vocal when I see other dogs. I want them to play with me so much! I’m working on how to go for a walk and make friends without pulling and barking, and I think that’s great because it means more walks for me!

I’m learning lots of bestest-boy behaviors! Its hard to be the bestest-boy when you’re always so excited to meet people! I am learning not to jump up and I’ve gotten good at sit and off so I know I can learn more as long as you’ll work with me! My foster family says I’m still a puppy and a rascal (which is strange, because I thought my name was Trejo) but, with training and love, I’ll be the bestest companion ever!

When I’m not out meeting new friends, I like to spend all my time with my foster family and my toys! I take my squeaky duck everywhere! I like to carry it around, give it a good shake, and take a nap with it. I like other toys too, and I love bones! I want to make sure no one steals my bones (even you, ducky!) so I like to bury them in the yard. I’m not saying I forget where they’re buried, but boy am I excited when I find them!

Do you want a happy-go-lucky pup that’s always ready to go on an adventure? I’m looking for a family that will keep up my training so I can be the bestest-boy and the bestest-friend. I’d be good in a family with another dog or in one where I’m the only dog. I’ll trade kisses and snuggles with my ducky for a lap to reset my head on and a family to love!


Must Know:

  • Cricket, yellow female, 14 months old; 65 lbs

  • Dog Friendly but very excitable; needs to continue training on how to control excitement

  • Dog-savvy cat friendly

  • Kids 8+

  • Recovered from TPLO surgery

  • High energy – loves to retrieve and play

Meet Cricket

I’m Cricket and I can’t wait to start the most Cricket-y life with my furever family! I’m still a puppy and I’m just starting to grow into the dog I know I can be! Are you the people that will help me be that furever bestest girl?

I’m not sure why I’m named Cricket, but I like to think it's because Crickets are kinda’ famous for their legs and my leg has a story, too. See, I had to have TPLO surgery after I hurt my knee playing too much! Can you believe a puppy can play TOO much? I was playing too much, and probably a little too rough, with bigger dogs – I just didn’t know when to stop. I’m okay now that I’ve had surgery but all the peoples keep telling me that I need to learn how to contain my excitement. I don’t know what contain means – but I do know I’m working on being calmer when I meet new dogs and people, and learning how to handle my body when I get excited! I’m learning not to jump and to greet new dogs and people with less, I think my trainer calls it, “enthusiasm”. I have learned lots of commands already and I love learning more! My trainer calls it “positive reinforcement” and I am positive that I love it! I am really a people-pleaser, and I love getting pets and attention, so this training just fills my Cricket-heart with joy! My new family will definitely have to keep it up!

One thing about my Cricket-leg surgery is that I am just now getting the exercise I want! It's been so rough being put on rest and not allowed to run, run, run. I can’t wait to be able to go out on adventures and really get to explore the world! I think my dream day is to go on walks, play ball (I love to retrieve!) or with other dogs (less excitedly, though!), and then come home and protect my backyard from all those pesky squirrels! I really want a fenced-in backyard so I can run and have fun! I love working on my leash training and my greeting-others training because being outside and seeing everything going on is so much fun! And I love seeing other dogs, even if I’m still working on the best way to play with them without being, what’s that phrase, “a bit much”. I know the more I work on it, I’ll get to “a bit perfect”!

My bestest life will be in a home where I can continue to learn to be me! I would love a backyard to play in and peoples that will keep up the positivity I’m building in my training! I really want to learn how to make doggy friends and how to walk around like those calm, cool dogs I see around town! Oh, and they have to love to give me pets – a good rub down is my favorite! Are you that people? I hope so! I can’t wait to show you how much fun a Cricket can be!

*Pending Adoption*

Must Know:

  • Ezra, black male, 6 months old (born Nov 2022); 40 lbs and growing!

  • Dog Friendly – continued socialization with other playful dogs is a must for Ezra!

  • Cat tolerant

  • Kids 8+

  • High puppy energy – loves to play and loves attention!

Meet Ezra

Is there anything better than Ezra? Nope! I’m Ezra and I can answer that question with a tail-wag and a couch-snuggle! You’ll see, there is nothing better than me!

I love being a puppy! I get to play all day, meet new friends, and make discoveries! I just discovered ducks! Did you know they like to sit in the yard and make noises? I keep telling them to quiet down but they don’t listen. I listen great though! My foster mom says I’m super smart and I’m learning new things every day! I love going on adventures – especially car rides! Who knows what we’ll find at the end of the ride. I hope its more puppies because I love playing with dogs! Every dog I meet is my best friend – if you need friends, I can show you how! I also love meeting new people friends! I just love getting pets and snuggles; it makes my day!

My foster mom says I’m the sweetest ball of puppy energy you’ll meet! Even though I’m a puppy, she says my manners are fantastic! I think that should earn me triple the amount of treats, but that hasn’t happened yet (still trying though)! What does a sweet ball of energy do? Play of course! I like to run around with my dog friends, go for walks, and play with my people. I also like naps on the couch, especially on laps! If there’s not a lap available, I’ll take my toy monkey and go find a pile of pillows to snooze on! I need all that rest because I have another day of adventure ahead of me!

Are you looking for an affectionate, snuggly, sweet ball of puppy energy? Do you have a spot in the car for an adventure-buddy? Do you believe in giving triple-treats? Well, I know what will make your life even better than you can imagine! Me! Nothing’s better than Ezra! Let’s meet and you’ll see why (I’ll bring my monkey)!

*Pending Adoption*

Must Know:

  • Mariah, 2 years old, 45lbs, yellow female

  • Dog friendly

  • Cats unknown -Kids 6+ (Due to Mariah's nervous + timid nature, her interactions with children has been highly supervised with an adult sitting next to the child monitoring all actions)

  • Energy level: low to medium

Meet Mariah

Hi friends, I am Mariah and I got to sunny Virginia thanks to Project Freedom Ride.

I am only 2 years old and have gone through a lot, but now I am ready to find my forever home and grow up and old with a wonderful family. I underwent heartworm treatment and a diagnosis of MRSA and I took all my medicine as a trooper and I am completely healed! This shows you what a warrior I am!

When I first meet a new human, I am a little timid, especially around males but I slowly start warming up as they show me I can trust them. My crate is my safe space and I really enjoy going in there, especially if I can leave the door open. When I get a little nervous I might shake, but as soon as I realize things are fine, I calm down. I would be fine as an only dog in the house but I really thrive around other dogs! Once boundaries have been set, I am ready to play!

I enjoy playing with my foster siblings and getting zoomies around the backyard with them. I love to chill with my humans and fur-siblings in the family room and as long as I am touching my human, my life is alright! I love snuggling and cuddling!

As mentioned before, I do love my crate as my safe space but I am also realizing how wonderful it is to have a doggie bed at the foot of my human's bed. I really enjoy snuggling with my blanket and doing circles on it before I lay down for some quiet time. What makes it even better is when my humans rub my head or when they brush me. I love being brushed! Life can be so good for a puppy found in the streets of Georgia.

My foster mom says that I am a pleasure to be around and that I can be wiggly, affectionate, and do little dances when excited. The one thing I am unsure of is stairs. I had never seen them before and I am okay with little steps that lead me outside, but I have been unsure about going to the 2nd story of the house. My family goes upstairs and I am content just hanging out downstairs by myself. They trust me since they know that I can behave like a big girl!

I can’t wait to find a family to call my own - a family who will have patience with me in strange situations, and a family who will show me this world is a safe, loving place!

*Courtesy Post - Available*

Must Know:

  • Ziggy, 10 year old, neutered lab/boxer mix, male, 70 lbs.

  • Dog friendly

  • No cats

  • Good with young children, as well as older adults

  • Up to date on vaccinations

  • Fenced-in yard required

Meet Ziggy

I am a laid back, friendly 10 year old lab/boxer mix who is looking for a family to call my own. Are you looking for a companion? My foster family tells me that I am really good company! They sometimes invite me to join them on the sofa, but I am just as happy lying at your feet if you have a "no dogs on the furniture" rule in your house! I have to warn you - I'm a sweet snuggler and hard to resist! Do you leave and go to work? No problem! I can be left alone while you are gone. I am housebroken and never have accidents. When you come home, everything will be just like you left it and I'll greet you with a kiss and a tail wag. I am active and always up for a good time. Squirrels and balls? Love to chase them! I like to go for walks or even a jog and am working on my leash skills. If walking isn't your thing, I am also content to play and relax in a fenced-in backyard. My manners are pretty impressive! I don't jump on people and if asked, I will wait to eat my food until you give me the ok. Just don't tempt me by leaving human food out on the counter. Even though I've never been to the beach, I'm a pretty good counter surfer!

Do you have questions or would you like to meet me? If so, please email Dana at

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