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We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
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Can you be Daphne's saving grace? ❤️

Meet Daphne!

Daphne spent most of her life outside and neglected. She developed mammary gland tumors and was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. Her malignant tumors were removed and she is doing amazing! Daphne is heartworm positive but thankfully is not showing any symptoms. She is undergoing a 12 month heartworm treatment which should be completed around June-July 2020. Daphne’s forever family will need to watch for new lumps and bumps and have them checked by the vet if they appear.

During Daphne's time in foster care she has proved to be an amazing and loving dog! She is fully house trained and can be trusted with free reign of her home. Daphne would do well living in the wide open country running and playing or she could make herself at home as a city girl with a few walks each day. This princess will keep her kingdom clear of those pesky squirrels but she needs to be supervised during her time outside even if there is a fence! She’s an escape artist and can climb small fences and gates. She thrives with good boundaries and direction, she is smart and loves to please! Daphne is a fast learner, she knows sit, down, shake and does great on a leash! She spends most of her time smiling, loving her humans and playing with her four-legged foster siblings. She loves affection and loves to be near her people! Daphne loves to play with her squeaky toys and bones but food is her sweet spot!
Daphne is still vibrant as ever and full of life! You would never know what she's been through if you met her. She’s come a long way since she first came to LRGR and continues to thrive each day! Daphne deserves the most amazing home, to be spoiled non-stop and be treated like a princess. She can't wait to find a place to call home and live her best life! If you are looking for a fun-loving, amazing dog who loves to give you smiles, she's your gal! Whoever opens their heart to this amazing girl will never regret it!

Must know:

  • Daphne, 6 year old female, 50 pounds

  • Good with kids

  • Great with other dogs / good with cats

  • Medium to high energy level

  • 6 foot fence required

  • Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma

  • Heartworm Positive and undergoing a 12 month treatment which should be completed around June-July 2020



Meet Duke!

Woof! My name is Duke and I’m a 1 year old, male lab/hound mix. I have beautiful yellow coloring and come in at a perfect 50 lbs. I am hoping to find my forever family to enjoy pets, snuggles, and lots of play time!

I am a sweet and high energy pup who is eager to please and always excited to learn new things. I love playing with cats and dogs and can go for hours in the back yard. I’m very friendly with all humans, but my energy might be a bit much for small children until I’m better trained. I love to run and jump (anything less than a six foot fence won’t contain me) and always enjoy a nice game of tug-o-war. Since I'm a young pup I still get excited sometimes but I'm learning how to respect people's space and play nice. I LOVE food, so I attempt to eat anything that will fit in my mouth…food or nonfood. I've been through a lot of change lately and I'm learning how to trust my foster family. I love using the doggie door to go in and out as I please. I prefer to be outside but I'm learning that there are good things like food and snuggles inside too!

I am house trained and quite a pro at “sit” and “shake”…still working on coming when called. I get excited when it's time to go for a walk. I'm getting much better at my leash skills and I'm sure to continue to improve, especially if there are more treats involved! I’d make a great running or jogging partner! I'm not sure what that crate thing is for but I prefer to sleep next to my foster family without it and I'm doing well. I’m searching for my forever family, one that will continue working with me on my training and keep me active physically and mentally. I do best with positive reinforcement and a daily routine to keep me from getting bored.

Overall, I am a happy, loving dog with the best personality! All I need is a devoted, patient family with some time to give to my training. I would do great in a home with another active dog and a fenced yard. I know I have so much to give and can’t wait to meet my forever family! So what do you say, wanna play!?!

Important things to know about me:

  • Duke, 1.5 years old, 50 pounds

  • Older kids are best for me so I won’t knock them over with all my energy

  • I would do best with another dog, preferably, close to my age so they can keep up with me

  • I require a 6 foot fence

  • High energy, I need a LOT of exercise and a family who will work with me on my manners

  • I am super sweet and have I already told you I have LOTS of energy!?!


Meet Sasha!

Sasha is a super sweet girl looking for a home where she can be petted and pampered. Because of her allergies she needs a family committed to caring for all of her needs which include medicated baths twice a week followed by lotion, a prescription food diet, and daily antibiotics.

Sasha's an older gal but she enjoys playing fetch and jumping up on the sofa to relax. She is house trained and can be trusted with free reign in the home. Sasha is calm but would do best with a doggie sibling to keep her company and play. Since coming to LRGR her anxious behavior has gotten much better. She loves people and human contact, she will nudge your hand when she doesn’t want you to stop petting her! When she gets really excited she does a little tap dance, she will prance on her front two feet waiting for a treat or ball.

Must Know:

  • Chocolate, female, 11 years old, 60 lbs.

  • Good with children

  • Dog friendly-best with a companion to keep company and play / Cat friendly but will chase if they run

  • Has allergies which requires medicated baths, lotion, prescription food, and antibiotics. Average monthly cost $100.


Meet Forest!

Hi there! My name is Forest, and I’m a one year and eight month old chocolate Lab! I’m seventy- five pounds of pure love. I’m currently living in my foster home with a fenced in backyard, and that suits me very well. I’m super friendly and I love to meet new people and dog friends alike! I haven’t had too many interactions with cats so far, but when I did see one at the vet, I wasn’t too interested. Oh yeah, speaking of the vet, I went there recently, and Doc gave me a clean bill of health! Hooray!

Did you know that I’m nearly a perfect doggo? Not only do I love dogs, kids, and all humans, I’m house trained, and I’m working on my leash skills because I still pull when I’m excited. I’m also getting used to going into my crate. My foster mom has described me as being relatively calm for my age, but I still enjoy several walks a day for some exercise. My only fear is that darn vacuum- that thing scares me!

I can’t wait to meet you and your family! I know I will make a great addition!

Must know:

  • Forest, Chocolate Lab, 1 year 8 months, 75 pounds, neutered

  • Medium energy level

  • Very friendly; loves meeting people and gets along great with other dogs

  • Cats: Unknown but would probably do well

  • Good with kids


Meet Gunner!

Gunner is a seven year old, Black Labrador male weighing in at 65lbs. This handsome boy is young at heart - you would never guess his age! Gunner is a big people guy, loves attention from his humans and enjoys relaxing by their side. When Gunner gets excited he will tug on your shoe laces and pants but he’s quickly learning how to play appropriately. With all of that tugging, it’s no surprise his favorite game is tug of war! Going on walks is Gunner’s absolute favorite thing to do! He loves having his nose to the ground, sniffing everything he sees. He can get very excited and may soon be walking you! He’s learning his leash skills with a gentle leader and making great progress! He knows how to sit on command and is learning lots of new tricks with his foster family. Overall, Gunner is a sweet, affectionate pup that would love to find his forever family!

  • Gunner, 7 years old, Black Lab, 68lbs

  • Kids: Recommended for kids 8 and up

  • Dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Energy level: Medium


Hi there, my name is Ruger!


I am a four year old, 65lb black lab male and am so excited to find my forever family. I love going on walks with the humans and looking for squirrels! I am a good boy because I am house trained, enjoy my crate and know how to sit and lie down on command. As long as I go on a couple of walks a day, I am a calm couch potato - at least that is what my foster mom calls it! Being called a potato makes me hungry . . . I love to learn new tricks and be around people. I am a snuggly guy and if you baby talk to me, I will respond with my version of baby talk right back! Dog bones are my favorite thing and I could probably chew all day if I didn’t like going on walks so much. My foster mom says that my puppy dog eyes make me special! I like being special.

Need to know:

  •  Ruger, 4 years old, 65lbs

  • Dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Kids, unknown

  • Energy level, medium


Hi there! I'm Beefcake!


What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man! Meet Beefcake, our fun loving and sweet little guy! Beefcake is a one year old black Lab who is looking for his forever home. This little stud muffin has been caught admiring himself in the mirror quite a few times. And honestly, who can blame him with those eyes! Beefcake is an energetic, happy go lucky guy and while on his walks, he loves meeting new doggo friends and people. On the flip side, he loves to relax and snuggle with you on the couch or snooze on his dog bed Did we mention that Beefcake loves his human friends? Wherever you go, he is always close by interested in what you’ve got going on and happy to help in whatever way he can. Especially when food is involved. Beefcake is trying to bulk up so you’ll find him eager to get all of the treats! Even the ones that don’t belong to him! Because he is so food motivated, Beefcake would do best with children over five years old. Beefcake is also making quick progress on his leash walking skills and crate training skills too. This little guy is eager to find his forever home and can’t wait to become best buds with them!

Must know:

  • Beefcake, one year old black male Labrador

  • Very people friendly; loves meeting all humans

  • Dog friendly-Loves every dog he meets

  • Unknown with cats

  • Energy level: Energetic, enjoys 1-2 walks a day, but also enjoys resting on the couch


Howdy folks, Ricky here!


My full name is Ricky Bobby and I am a golden male labrador weighing 61lbs and hailing from South Carolina. I’m 1.5 years old and have the energy level to prove it! I love to run outside with my doggo foster siblings and sniff. Sniffing is neat. People are really great, but I take a little while to open up and show my true self - once I get to know you, I will be your best buddy! I love to snuggle on the couch and wrap my arms around you like a human. But dog friends are my most favorite thing. Being around my doggo friends makes me feel safe and comfortable so I would definitely enjoy having a four-legged brother or sister. At night, I like to sleep on the couch or a dog bed and I don’t need a crate because I’m a good boy when left home alone. I am learning basic commands and I take treats very gently which classifies me as a good boy!

Need to know:

  • Ricky, male, 61lbs

  • Very dog friendly, cats unknown

  • Kids, unknown

  • Would do best with a four-legged brother or sister

  • Energy level medium

Bandit *Courtesy Post*

***Please contact the owner directly
for more information.***

Linda Walton

From owner:

Bandit is a 1.5 year old male 80lb neutered lab mix. He came to us overweight and he has worked hard on his exercise regimen and diet to get down to a more healthy figure! He enjoys the company of another dog and plays well but he will use his body when he plays! He’s a goofy happy boy! Loves attention from his people! He enjoys playing ball and will bring it back and spit it out and sit and wait for you to throw again! His endurance does not last very long especially when it’s hot out! He is crate trained, house trained and has been trained on a prong collar and training collar since he’s been with us. He has responded well with both and needs minor corrections when he sees another dog while walking on a leash. He does well in our  large fenced in yard on his recall even when he is chasing/playing with another dog! He rides great in our truck and loves to be out with you running errands. While in his crate he does enjoy chewing a nylabone from time to time. He has a dog bed in his crate and has never chewed it! That’s a big plus!! We have no kids but came from a home that babysat small children and did well. We got Bandit due to a divorce situation no fault of his own. He’s a happy loving boy that deserves a home where he’ll get exercise and attention.

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