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We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
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All potential adopters must be pre-approved before they are able to adopt.
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 Applications are Temporarily Closed:

Over the last few months we, along with other shelters and rescues, have seen an overwhelming interest in adopting dogs. This is absolutely amazing considering there are so many dogs in need of adoption! However, we have a limited number of dogs available for adoption and a long list of applicants who have already been approved to adopt. As a result, we are putting a temporary hold on accepting new adoption applications at this time. We are sorry to make potential adopters sad, but please know having more adopters than dogs available is the absolute best type of challenge to have! 


In the meantime, we'll continue to showcase our incoming dogs on our website, fb and IG so already approved adopters can see them and notify their Adoption Coordinator of their interest. We also love sharing them so you can follow along and celebrate with us the joy of rescuing Labs in need and finding them their new forever home!  

Please check back regularly for updates as we hope to reopen the application process as soon as possible! Stay safe and healthy!

We are accepting applications for our special needs dogs. These dogs have a light blue tag next to their picture.


We are accepting Applications for Scout. Please email :

Must Know:

  • Scout, 13 years old, female black lab, 50.8lbs

  • Would do best as the only dog

  • Cats unknown

  • Blind in one eye, Cushing’s Disease, arthritis

  • Great fit for older adults

  • Recommended for kids 10 and up

  • Low energy

Meet Scout!


Hi folks, my name is Scout and I am the most perfect companion. I am thirteen years young and absolutely love my people. My youthful spirit comes out every time I get a KONG filled with treats - I am tenacious trying to get every morsel out of it!! I really like to chew on bullysticks too. My favorite place is next to my people, especially at night. I sleep just fine in my crate, but there is something so peaceful about sleeping near my family - my foster mom says I snore a little! I am a great fit for older adults and as an only dog. I am a bit of a diva when it comes to heat, so short walks and indoor play are enough for me to be content. I am house trained and know neat tricks like “sit, no, come and stay.” I do great on my leash during walks and LOVE having my ears rubbed. My foster mom says I have an incredible spirit and only want to please. I am truly such a spunky gal and absolutely love life. I promise to make you laugh every day! I cannot wait to meet my new family!

Jack (Currently on medical hold)

We are accepting Applications for Jack. Please email :

Must Know:

  • Jack, 5 years old, black lab, male, 55lbs - I need to gain about 15lbs!

  • Friendly with female dogs, not friendly with males

  • High prey drive, not cat friendly

  • Kid friendly, loves ALL people

  • Heartworm positive, currently undergoing treatment


Meet Jack!

Hello party people, my name is Jack and I am a dream come true! I am a five year old beautiful black lab and I absolutely love humans - all kinds. They are so fun and like to play lots of fun games! Like any normal lab, I am very busy and tend to get myself into trouble with my curiosity - especially when it comes to chewing things...what can I say, I get bored easily! I really like to be outside but have a hard time staying focused, there is just so much to do and I want to do it all at the same time!! One of the highlights of my day is meeting new people. Like I said before, I love ALL people - they give me love and pets and I am all about that. I like lady doggos a lot but I’m not a big fan of boy doggos. I want to be the only boy doggo in your life! I can’t wait to meet you!!

Roxy Ann and Abbie

We are accepting Applications for Roxy and Abbie. Please email :

Must Know:

  • Roxy: Purebred chocolate lab, 11 years old, female, 100lbs, mother of Abbie

  • Abbie: Purebred yellow lab, 8 years old, female, 90 lbs

  • Bonded pair, need to be adopted together

  • Kid friendly-10 and above

  • Dog friendly- best with other calm dogs

  • Cat friendly

  • Need home with minimal stairs

  • Wooden fence required-Abbie is a digger and escape artist

  • Low to medium energy

Meet Roxy Ann and Abbie!    BONDED-Must be adopted together.

Hello all, we are radiant Roxy Ann and adorable Abbie! We are a mother/daughter bonded pair who are looking for a loving home!

My name is Roxy Ann and I am a beautiful chocolate,100 lbs, 11 year old girl. My gorgeous daughter is named Abbie and is yellow as the sun and is only 8 years old and weighs 90 lbs. We are both purebred and as loving as can be. We love kids, dogs, and cats! We love everyone! We like following our foster parents all over the house and sitting with them on the sofa or sleeping in their room, though sometimes, Abbie does sit on their lap! When we snuggle, we love to be petted and if you dare stop the petting, we will gently nudge you just so you continue. We are looking for a family that will love us and relax along with us. We love meeting older dogs like us and children.

We both know our names and I am sure that you can teach us old dogs some new tricks! Our foster mom said that if you open up a dictionary and looked at the word sweet, you would find a picture of us. We are the sweetest dogs you will ever find. Our favorite things in life are our people, snuggling, our people, each other, our people and treats!! We are looking for our forever family!

Millie (Currently on Medical Hold)

Must Know:

  • Millie, 5 years old, 60ish pounds, female, black lab

  • Dog friendly

  • Cat friendly

  • Medium-high energy level

  • Kid friendly, loves tiny humans - very gentle

  • Recovering from ACL surgery

  • Allergies and Special Diet required-Monthly cost of $150

Meet Millie!

Hiya everyone, my name is Millie and I am the sweetest gal around. I am five years old! My foster momma said, “Millie is the type of dog most people want to have but very few get lucky enough to end up with. Everything about her is wonderful, she's just a sweet pup that wants all the love and attention. She is all around just a happy dog and I think any family who gets her would be so lucky to have her in their lives. We have known her for three days and we are already so in love.” I really am such a great asset to any family! I just want to be loved and feel safe. I had ACL surgery about five months ago so I cannot have any flights of stairs and preferably very few into/out of the house. I am very well behaved and take pride in following house rules! I absolutely love going on walks and do great on my leash and tend to have more energy since I am still recovering from surgery. My diet is a bit specific since I have a sensitive tummy. I love everyone I meet, especially tiny humans! I am a pup of superior intelligence, so with my extensive knowledge of tricks and commands, I also come with a smidgen of sass. When my foster momma tells me I need to stop doing something I want to do, I may or may not let out a hefty SIGH to let you know although I will follow command, I don’t actually want to. My favorite toys are my tennis balls and bones and I could play tug of war all day every day if you let me. I cannot wait to meet my perfect family!!


Meet Louie!

Louie is a dignified senior boy who lost his home. This 14 year old enjoys affection and human companionship. Louie greets you with a big smile and a tail wag. He grew up with other dogs and does not seem to mind their company. His health is good for a senior and his mobility is not bad for a dog of his age. He still has muscle definition and can get up and down with little to no problem. Louie has completed Heartworm Treatment of 3 injections and is recovering well. Louie's owner had to move and was told Louie could not come inside the home. He is currently being Boarded at a Veterinary Clinic.


If you are interested in giving Louie a home,

please reach out to his owner:

Brenda Farris (804)840-3936


Must know:

  • Hallie: 7 year old, 74lbs, red/gold female lab

  • Diabetic, needs shots 2 times a day

  • Great with kids

  • Cat friendly

  • Would be best as an only dog

  • Energy level: medium

Meet Hallie!

Hello there folks! My name is Hallie and I am America’s Sweetheart! I am a beautiful red/gold, 7 year old, 74lbs, female lab and I come as sweet as can be! I love being around my humans and their kids, I love it even more if they have a ball with them! I could easily be the poster child for a retriever dog. You have a ball to throw? I have the legs to run and bring it back! We could play this game for a while! Have a squeaky toy? I am up for them too! I am a very smart lady who knows a few commands like “sit, down, bed, outside”. I bet I could learn some more very quickly. During walks, I will sniff all around me but I know that I have to walk next to you so I make an amazing walking partner. I am a very brave girl, I am not scared of anything at all, thunderstorms, construction sites, nothing gets to me. Not even vet appointments. I am on insulin twice a day for diabetes but you would never guess I had that if you met me!

I am a wiggler when I get excited! Show me food, I will wiggle, get me ready to go outside, I will wiggle! I am just a happy lady! I have my doggie pillow that I love and if you tell me to go to bed, I will find my pillow and just chill on it, no matter what is going on around me! I will listen to my commands. I’m looking for a family who will love me and whom I can love back!

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