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We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
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All potential adopters must be pre-approved before they are able to adopt.
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                                                             Attention, Applications are Temporarily Closed:

 Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have recently received a large influx of applicants, with a very limited intake  of new Labs. For these reasons we are putting a temporary hold on new adoption applications. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we would like to assure you this is a purely temporary hold. Please check back regularly for news on when this hold will be lifted. Stay safe and healthy!


At this time, we are taking applications for Xena.  Xena is a fantastic, playful girl. She does require a fence 5ft and up and must be an only dog.

If interested in Xena, please email

Meet Xena!

Hi there, I am Xena! I am between 4-6 years old - a lady doesn’t disclose her exact age! My name means warrior princess, but I would say I am more of a diamond in the ruff - pun intended. I love the finer things in life like getting constant belly rubs and soaking up the sunshine in my backyard. I get so excited if we play fetch!! I am so smart, I bring my toy back to your feet so you can throw it again! I love to learn new tricks and give lots of hugs and kisses. Yep, you heard that right - I give humans hugs! I’ll sit in your lap and lay my head on your shoulder and it’s the sweetest thing. I am a very happy girl and truly want to please. Like any pup, I love having all the attention on me. I do need to be the only pet in the home as I’m not comfortable around other dogs or cats, but I love children! I cannot wait to meet my new family - please bring me a new toy and prepare for lots of tummy scratching! And it would be awesome to have a tall fenced in backyard for lots of running around and playing fetch!

Must know:

  • Xena, between 4-6 years old, female, 63lbs, black lab mix

  • I am good with kiddos

  • Needs to be the only dog in the home, not good with cats

  • Strong on leash, needs additional training

  • Heartworm positive, undergoing treatment


Meet Body!

Hi, I am Body, a gorgeous, 70 lb, 1 year old, sweet as molasses, boy. I am looking for a best friend and family who will love me and let me love on them! I love running around my yard and then crashing on the deck for a nap in the sun! Do you like sprinting? I do! I discovered I am extremely fast and would love to race across the yard. You will have to teach me to fetch since I love my ball but don’t know what to do with it. I love walks and even though I am 1, I am still a puppy and would love to meet other dogs and learn from them. When we first meet, I might be a little shy but hopefully will soon warm up and be all lovey dovey on you. I love wiggling on laps and snuggling! Is there anything better than that in life?


Actually yes, children! I love kids but could use a little help remembering that I am not supposed to jump when excited! I am sure that with your help, I can learn some good indoor manners and become the southern gentleman that I know I can be. I am working hard on my potty training and only go into my crate when my foster parents have to go out. At night, I am so lucky I get to sleep on their bed but when I get hot, I jump off to my own bed. Now, who wouldn’t be lucky to have me?

I have 4 legged foster siblings and I enjoy playing with them and we get along so well! I have met a thing called a cat and I am interested but not enough to risk it! I am still learning not to get startled with things around the house and I am sure that with patience and love, I will make the perfect pet!!

Must know:

  • Body, 70 lbs, 1 year old black lab

  • Energy level: medium to high

  • Dog friendly, likes to play

  • Cats, interested but keeps his distance

  • Children, recommended for 10 and up

  • Timid and hesitant meeting strangers, especially males

  • Timid around unfamiliar things, needs additional socialization to become comfortable in his environment


Meet Bear!

Hello there! My name is Bear and I am a beautiful, cuddly, sweet 3.5 year old male dog. I have gorgeous black fur and weigh in around 81 lbs.

When you first meet me, you will notice that I am shy, very shy. I’m really struggling with all of the sudden changes in my life and I’m looking to find my new comfortable people and places. It takes some time for me to warm up and adjust but with a family who is willing to give me time, space, and lots of snuggles, I will flourish into an amazing dog. I like familiar spaces and when we get to my new home, I might search for a place to call my own and go there when I feel like I need some quiet time. When I come out of my shell, you will notice that I love playing fetch and would love to find someone who can throw sticks or balls to me! One of my favorite things is chewing on bones! They are so tasty and yummy! I like hanging out with people and sometimes will act silly trying to get my foster parents to come play with me or to simply hang out with me. I like hanging out around humans and receiving pets and love. I’m a very smart boy whom you could teach so much about the world! I can sit, come and stay! I bet with some extra yummy treats, I could learn even more! I’m so adorable that I sit with my front paws crossed over, looking like a real gentleman. I haven’t met cats yet but I do enjoy looking at squirrels and birds from the yard. I like the peacefulness of hanging out in the yard, surrounded by nature, and would love to enjoy all that with you.


Must Know:

  • Bear, 3.5yrs old, 81 lbs, male, black lab

  • Energy level: medium

  • Recommended for older adults, best in a home with no kids

  • Would do well with another low-key dog, or as an only dog

  • Cats unknown

  • Timid, hesitant, and struggling with change, will need a very patient family to help him come out of his shell


Meet Emma!

Hello all! My name is Emma and I am a beautiful chocolate lab and like chocolate, I am smooth and silky and everybody loves me! I am around 2 years old and weigh in at 67 lbs. I am a very sweet, energetic girl who loves her humans and playing. If you go out of the room and come back a few minutes later, I will be so excited and act like I haven’t seen you in ages! In the mornings, when I first wake up and see my family, I get very happy since I have missed them during the night. Once I greet them, I’m ready to seize the rest of the day! I enjoy walks and meeting other dogs and really want to play with them. I am a smart girl who already knows ‘sit’, ‘down' and I’m in the process of learning ‘leave it’ and ‘wait’. I told you, I am a smart gal! I love my toys and sometimes I go to the wooded part of the yard and make a hole to hide my favorite duck! I’m looking for a family who will play with me, and love me forever.

Must Know:

  • Emma, 67 lbs, 2 year old female chocolate lab

  • Cats-Not recommended, would likely chase

  • Dog friendly, likes to play

  • Not recommended for young kids or elderly adults

  • Energy-Moderate to high


Meet Chester!

Howdy y’all, my name is Chester and I am SUCH a good boy! I am just over two years old, resemble a golden chicken nugget color and weigh about 65lbs. I am truly all lab - loveable, cuddly and FUN! One of my most favorite things in the whole world is playing fetch with my foster hoomans. They also taught me how to “sit” “lay down” and “wait”- isn’t that so cool? I am very smart and learn quickly. Sometimes, I get to go on long hikes where I can just sniff and explore all these new things - I love it! I really enjoy long walks full of new smells just the same. I am learning that I am supposed to go potty outside, but like I said, I am a quick learner! New things are a little unnerving to me but once I warm up I am good to go. I absolutely LOVE belly rubs and ear scratches, so give me all the love!! I am eager to please and just cannot wait to meet my new family!

Must Know:

  • Chester, 2yr old male, yellow lab, 65lbs

  • Dog friendly with neutered males and all females

  • Cats -does not seem interested

  • Undergoing neuter

  • Energy level-Medium

  • Hesitant to walk on hard smooth surfaces

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