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Meet Our Labs

We typically have between 5-10 Labs available for adoption.
Click on the photos in their galleries to enlarge!
All potential adopters must be pre-approved before they are able to adopt.
Please visit the adoption process page for more information on how to adopt.
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Must Know:

  • Luigi, black mixed male, 1yo, 55 lbs

  • Dog Friendly!!

  • Dog-savvy cat friendly

  • Adult only home

  • Would do best with a fenced-in yard, but if provided multiple outlets for energy and playdates in a fenced-in area, he would be fine. Enclosed dog parks not recommended due to the amount of people they have and the overstimulation with too many dogs.

  • Active medium energy – loves swimming, hiking, and playing with other dogs. Will run with dogs and go on walks any time! And loves a good blanket to snuggle with!

Meet Luigi


Hi, I’m Luigi, but you can call me Luey. You may have seen me here already, I’ve been looking for my forever family for my whole life – over a year – but I haven’t found them yet. My foster mom told me not to give up; she says “there’s a lid for every pot” so I guess I’m here looking for my lid. I hope that’s you!

My sister and I came to Lab Rescue as puppies; she was adopted but I wasn’t. I was pretty scared taking the big trip to Richmond and then not having my sister, but I learned I wasn’t all alone – I got a great foster family with foster pup-siblings! My foster family taught me how to be the bestest boy and have the bestest time! We have so much fun together! We go for hikes and swims and all kinds of adventures. I love going to the open park my foster mom takes me to play at and making new friends! I can make friends with any dog and I really love playing with the big guys! One of my best friends is a Great Dane; I think we might secretly be twins but my foster mom says probably not! I love to play and swim and live my best pup-life! I would love to have a playful pup-sibling in my forever home!

The only thing I don’t love is kids; they move so quickly + make so many noises and, well, they definitely scare me. My foster mom says that’s okay, you can just hang out with dogs – they aren’t scary at all! I like cats too! I try to play with the cat in my home but they aren’t really that into fetch. I also try to play with squirrels and rabbits but my foster mom says chasing isn’t playing and makes me come inside (c’mon mom!). When I’m not playing with my friends, I love to nap! I say I’m saving up my energy for playtime! I really love to nap in my crate!

I hope I can find my forever family soon! I can’t wait to have my own home and my own family to love! I just keep thinking you have to be out there somewhere! The perfect family for me would have another dog (or dogs) that will play with me, but no kids (too scary!). They’ll take me on walks and adventures so I can keep discovering the world and meeting more friends. They’ll have a fenced-in backyard where I can play, nap, and look for squirrels. But most of all, they’ll love me and be my best friends for life! I really hope I can find my lid; this lil’ pot is ready to go home!


Must Know:

  • Mariah, 2 years old, 45lbs., yellow female

  • Dog friendly

  • Cats unknown

  • Kids 6+ (Due to Mariah's nervous + timid nature, her interactions with children have been highly supervised with an adult sitting next to the child monitoring all actions)

  • Energy level: low to medium

  • Fenced yard recommended

  • Mariah will require several Meet & Greets at the foster's house + the potential Adopter's house in order to make her adoption successful

Meet Mariah

Hi, hello! Mariah here, your resident sweetheart looking for a place to call home. I am a beautiful two year old yellow girl learning new things about this big scary world every day. After dealing with some treatable medical issues, I showed everyone that I am a warrior and bounced back quickly! My foster mom says I have slowly blossomed into a graceful ballerina that wins everyone’s heart - I cannot deny that! If I trust you, I will roll on my back for belly rubs. Those are my favorite!

Meeting other dogs is something I did not have much experience with, but I kindly let them know if I have any boundaries and then we go on with our playing! I really thrive being around other dogs during any adjustment periods as they teach me about trusting new humans and witness my yard zoomies! I do tend to prefer another male dog and will need to keep honing in on my socialization skills. I am a girl who loves to be around others!

Although I am anxious upon meeting new people and experiencing unknown environments, with some patience, love and grace, I will blossom into the best companion. I love being near my people and sleeping at the foot of their bed in my own dog bed. The more kindness I am shown, the more I will trust men, but it will take some time. Once I am comfortable, I will show you my silly side that wiggles and dances when excited!

One thing I have no desire to figure out are stairs…they are tall and who knows where the humans disappear up there?! I am just as content to sleep in my crate that doubles as my safe space when I am not feeling ready to get out and play. When I first came to my foster moms house, she gave me a toy we call “baby” to keep me company and make me feel safe. Since my confidence has grown so much I have not been bringing it around with me as often! I really love to play and chew on bully sticks…and get brushed! That is the best feeling!

I am SUCH a good, sweet little girl that will make the best family dog…I just need someone who is willing to earn my trust. I promise I will pay it back tenfold in love, affection, snuggles and wiggles.


Must Know:

  • Moose, yellow male, 1 year old, 65 lbs.

  • Dog friendly

  • Cats unknown

  • Kids 8+

  • Physical fencing of at least 5ft required; no electric/invisible fencing

  • Active Med-High energy

  • Moose would be a great fit for someone who really wants a dog to play with them!

Meet Trejo/Moose

Moose is here to steal your heart! One look in his hazel eyes and you’ll fall in love. He is a sweet, social butterfly who loves people, other dogs, his toys, and generally having a good time. Moose is eagerly waiting to find his forever home, and he comes with a bundle of wonderful qualities that will make him the perfect addition to your family. He is a fast learner and knows several commands already!

Moose absolutely loves playing with other dogs and would make an excellent playmate for your current furry family members. He is friendly and easy-going, and is excited when he sees other dogs, birds, squirrels, and cars while on a leash because he simply wants to say "hi!", so with continued engage/disengage training, Moose can become a well-behaved walking companion.

Moose loves to be with his people and will be most at ease when he can hang near you. Moose thrives on attention and affection. He'll be your loyal shadow, always ready for cuddles, playtime, and companionship. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Moose is your ideal partner. He loves fetching and will happily join you for outdoor adventures. Moose strikes a perfect balance between activity and relaxation. He's an active dog but is also content with some downtime, making him adaptable to various lifestyles. He loves his toys, tugging, and retrieving, and will swim any chance he gets!


Must Know:

  • Bailey, 8 years old, chocolate female, 62 lbs

  • Dog friendly

  • Cats unknown

  • Kids 8+

  • On Carprofen for joints; Adopters would be responsible for any meds needed long-term

Meet Bailey

Hi there! I am Bailey, an amazing 8 year old chocolate girl who is looking for her forever home. I used to live in NC but have now moved to this great area called Richmond! Here I have met many dog friends and I am enjoying my time.

I love saying hello to anyone I meet, be it human beings or four legged friends. I love initiating play with others! It can be so much fun! Sometimes I get really excited and might bark but it’s my way of saying ‘hello’! I haven’t met any of those things called ‘cats’ so who knows if they’ll like me!

When on walks I get extremely excited so I think it might be a good idea to wear one of those harness things. Maybe with some yummy treats (my favorite thing in the whole wide world) I can learn some commands and be the best I can be! I like treats so much that sometimes I might try to partake in counter surfing! You never know what yummy treats you might find!

Even though I am 8 years old, I have a pep in my step and just love doing fun things! You know what else is fun? Getting butt scratches! You show me your hands, I show you my behind!

I am looking for a family who enjoys walks, receiving my puppy kisses and who will freely give me their love and butt scratches!

*Foster or Foster to adopt needed*

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