Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. A foster home is a short-term safe haven for a rescued Lab. A foster home provides a loving environment for a dog to learn new skills and to prepare for a permanent, loving home.

Why should I foster? 

  • It saves lives!

    • We rescue dogs from homelessness, from shelters, from owner surrenders, and from death row

    • We save dogs who need medical attention and help restore their quality of life

  • Seeing the turnaround is indescribable!

    • Helping shy and timid dogs come out of their shell 

    • Guiding them to learn to trust again and feel safe

    • Showing them they are loved

    • Allowing them time to heal from medical issues

    • Teaching them how to play with toys and eat peanut butter

  • You'll give a dog a chance to shine!

    • Training a dog to know it's basic manners and become a successful part of the family

    • Providing structure and a routine in which they can thrive

  • You'll make new friends!

    • Your resident pets will have a temporary playmate or snuggle buddy

    • You'll get tons of extra love, kisses and snuggles

    • You'll have a walking partner

  • You'll make someone else's family complete!

    • You'll have the final say on their forever family

    • You'll see the joy on kids faces as they love on their new family member


Things to know:

  • The average foster time is 2-6 weeks

  • The rescue covers all approved medical bills and medications

  • Your resident dogs must be up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered

  • You can foster even if you don't have resident dogs

  • If you need to go out of town, the rescue arranges and provides care for your foster

  • If you fall in love, there is always the potential for you to adopt according to our policies

  • Fostering is flexible

    • The rescue can partner you with fosters who meet certain criteria (i.e. only senior dogs, only female dogs, etc.)

    • We welcome seasonal fosters or part-time fosters

Ready to become a foster? 

Having trouble submitting the form? You may download, print, and email it to us. Download and print form

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