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2022 Annual Giving Campaign  
        November 29th- December 31st

Please partner with us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of homeless and abandoned Labrador Retrievers. 


                                            -2022 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN ~

Say ‘Cheese’! These labs are smiling thanks to you and your contribution. Your help makes it possible to get medical attention when needed and the amount of yummy treats they need to keep these ‘toothers’ pearly white! The love and support they receive from LRGR is what keeps them smiling for years after they have even been adopted.

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Hobbles Story!

Hobble's story begins in June of 2021, when he was found alongside a highway by a policeman in the state of South Carolina. At ten weeks old he appeared to be abandoned by someone who had no interest in trying to help a puppy that had suffered from a blunt trauma, crushing injury to his right front leg. The leg had already healed in a malformed manner and was considered to be an old injury.

The Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond (LRGR) stepped in and he was brought to Richmond for his care. The Lab Rescue is run solely by volunteers who give their time on a daily basis to provide care and loving homes for dogs in need. Hobbles was brought to his new foster home in Richmond where he was provided love, safety, and the medical care he needed. In addition to getting his vaccines and tests, he was also evaluated by a surgeon at a specialty clinic.

We began our involvement with LRGR when we adopted a puppy from them in January of 2021. Hobbles foster Mom brought her dogs over for a play date, and we immediately fell in love with Hobbles. We soon realized that Hobbles had a fan club wherever he went. He is a very loving dog that is a joy to be around. We were able to adopt him and it was a very happy day indeed.

Unfortunately, his leg would require more than just simple surgery to repair. LRGR stepped in and helped with the payment of his surgeries (there were four). He also required physical therapy. Without surgery, he would have to have his leg amputated. Just as importantly, LRGR was emotionally supportive and his foster Mom helped with his care whenever needed.

He is still in a bandage right now, but will have a beautiful straight leg as a result. He has remained a happy and loving dog through all of this. It has “taken a village” to save this beautiful lab and we look forward to many years of being with him. We will have to change his name from Hobbles to “Super Hobbs”! We are so grateful for all that LRGR has provided for us, all by volunteers and donations!

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When Hopper came to us, he was heartworm positive and had recently had his back leg amputated from a gunshot injury he sustained as a stray. Due to his injury, he still has a bit of shrapnel in his hip and ear, impaired eyesight on one side, and is naturally afraid of loud noises. Hopper received his heartworm injections within the first two weeks of adoption, so he didn't feel too great for some time. During his recovery, we spread our couch cushions and blankets across the floor, so he would be comfortable and we could lay close to him. It didn't take long for him to feel much better and through it all, Hopper was such a lovebug, still so full of life and always happy. It was quite easy to fall in love with him from the start! 


Six months later, Hopper is still the sweetest, goofiest, most loving pup. He just wants to be anywhere his people are; snuggled super close to give tons of kisses. His best friend is our chocolate lab, Otis. Together, they love walks in the neighborhood, wrestling in the backyard, laying in the sunshine, tearing up toys, enjoying all the belly rubs and treats. Hopper loves to play fetch and chase birds and squirrels. Despite only having 3 legs, he is incredibly fast and agile. Nothing gets him down and there are very few things he cannot do. We are impressed every day by Hopper's spirit. He had a hard life before finding his way to LRGR and our family, but his unfortunate past has never hindered his capacity and courage to eagerly love and trust us. We are so thankful and honored to be Hopper's furever family and to help him live his very best excited for his first  Kolanko Christmas!



Hat-trick Spoons, the three-legged wonder found his way to LRGR when he was dropped off at a shelter missing half of his back left leg; he had an open/exposed wound, so some type of trauma occurred. Once he arrived at his LRGR foster home, one of LRGR's wonderful vets cleaned up his "half-leg" by removing a few inches of bone due to dead tissue and a bone infection.


Hat-trick has been a perfect addition to our family since day one. While we weren’t sure what to expect, as we already had one furbaby in the family, Hat-trick rolled through the house like a celebrity walking down the red carpet. He is all about social time with people and other dogs, always shares the love, and makes sure you know he’s in the room. His typical day begins around 6am, with a wagging smacking of his tail at the edge of our bed. We like to think he knows he’s playing his part as the resident alarm clock, but he’s really just waiting for an invitation to snuggle and wallow in the covers. After a quick walk and some breakfast, Hat-trick is off to the toy bin where he carefully selects the best toy for the day. 


He is a strong, playful boy that has grown so confident in our time together, most folks that meet him don’t even notice his missing leg. This strength and confidence has also assisted in the development of another household nickname “Pogo”, as he loves to launch himself and bounce around on his muscular back leg like a pogo stick. Hat-trick loves playing with his big sister Edie, and they often spend the day romping around the house chasing each other, playing tug-of-war, and throwing all our pillows onto the floor. 


Watching Hat-trick grow from a small puppy easily held in your arms to his current 45lb fearless and perpetually curious self has been a joy. His desire to be close to people (usually sitting on them), excitement to see and do anything, his amazing ability to make any guest feel welcome, and his sneaky side-eye indicating you haven’t paid enough attention to him, bring a level of warmth to the home only he could provide. We couldn’t imagine a house without him and are glad to have discovered LRGR and his foster family. 

Goal $15,000
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